27 February 2011

bad day so far

How did this day turn to such a pain in the ass? Woke up at 4.30am with a very sore lower back, decide to head to the couch eventually because I always sleep soundly there. Nope, Ben wakes up whiny at 5am & keeps me up a few more times until about 6am. Finally sleep soundly for a while.

Now just want to enjoy the damn Oscars but the child will not go down for his damn nap!! He does this about twice a week - just plays, cries & messes around for a couple of hours & NEVER SLEEPS. I just want to scream. So I was doing my best to ignore him while he farts around but noticed something on my lip. Holy hell, I've got a cold sore showing up!! And do you know why? It's because I was having a chat with someone in a shop or somewhere last week & she had a cold sore & I kept thinking that I was glad it wasn't me. I tried to stop myself, knowing full well that that is exactly how cold sores are passed around. And sure enough, here I am today. The same kind of thing happened with my stupid car. Our neighbor had a screechy fan belt noise (I think it's the fan belt that makes that god awful high pitched whiny when you start your car for about 30 seconds). Anyway, I kept thinking how bad the noise was & glad my car wasn't doing it. But of course we got my car serviced last week & ever since then it's screeching like a fucking banshee every time I get going. Marcel said it's because they tightened up the fan belt & they did put that on their report but I still want to march back there & beat them all with a freaking bat for doing this to me.

But anyway, I went to the bathroom to stare at my new cold sore & peaked in at my non-sleeping son to see he's pulled the old joy of taking off his diaper, peed in the bed & made a general mess. Brings my need to scream to a whole new level. Went for a new mattress cover but no clean extra sheet. WHYYYYY?? So now have wrapped a normal size sheet around his cot mattress that he's already untucked & made another mess. Why won't that little boy sleep?? And what happened to the tiny bit of poop that was in his diaper before he ripped it off??????? His breath smells good so that makes me feel safer but now I'm going to have to go on a poop hunt.

And of course there is the joy that Ben discovered how to climb out of his crib. He is not ready for a big boy bed. We are not ready for a big boy bed. So this afternoon I must take my cold sore-afflicted self in my screechy piece of shit car with my non-napped boy & get a stupid tent thing to put over his crib so he can't climb out.

All I wanted was a nice day, maybe enjoy the Oscars. Why can't that just happen?