18 May 2012


Ben is three today.
He's a magical mix of independence, stubbornness & cheeky humor.
Sometimes sweet, often frustrating, always charming.
My little man is growing so fast I can't always keep up.

Maybe I'm the only one who remembers him from this point!

This is the first moment I met Benny.
I can't remember ever being happier in my entire life.
Until Evan, of course, but the first time is such a shock.

Everything about him enchanted me.

And exhausted me.
Some things never change!

We celebrated early in the morning.

We celebrated with presents & party hats.

We celebrated with a new playhouse!

Most importantly, later we celebrated with friends!!

Okay, we celebrated with friends & chocolate.
That's the best combination.

Even later, we celebrated with a little reflection.
Well, reflection plus candles on a bagel with cream cheese & Nutella!

We've had to practically scrape him off the ceiling tonight.
He will never go to sleep. Sugar overload.

Happy 3 years to the best little boy & big brother ever!

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