07 August 2013

Ashley cried about the following things this week

PMS, am I right?

Between the two pregnancies and literal years of breastfeeding (you thought I'd shut up about all of this by now, didn't you?), I went about 4 1/2 years without experiencing these joys.

I'd like to think that those years would have just been swept under the rug and forgiven.
Instead, it appears that my body stored up all the emotional wreckitude and has chosen to release it upon me for a few black days every month in the form of uncontrolled weepiness that is just not cool.

Therefore, I present to you a list of things that have made me cry this week in order of acceptability:

1. The story of the 2 year old boy with leukemia who only had a few weeks to live so his parents decided to get married immediately.
He was their tiny best man and was carried down the aisle.
He DIED two days later, comfortably in his mama's arms, causing me to s-o-b uncontrollably for my entire commute home last night.
My commute was 50 minutes.
TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE (if you didn't shed a tear, you are a robot)

2. Seeing Ebony's multiple September issue covers dedicated to Trayvon Martin.
Well done.

3.. That commercial about finding the cure for cancer where people are reacting to seeing the headlines that literally say "Cure for cancer found" or whatever, then show a montage of people obviously suffering from cancer hugging those they love.
I am living my normal life, then this ad comes on and I am immediately a wreck.
I can't deal with it.
KINDA ACCEPTABLE (but really could be solved by turning the channel if I was capable)

4. Watching .gifs from the Jay Z Picasso Baby artsy fartsy gallery performance.
Let that sink in.
Not the entire video, just the little silent seconds-long clips from it.
Mind you, I was listening to a very poignant song from Josh Pyke's new album while watching these but the song doesn't bring tears on its own (I tested the theory).
I find the clips so damn delightful and unexpectedly sweet that apparently I am charmed into tears.

5. Hearing that old Katy Perry song about hot & cold and yes & no.
It is the theme song for Australia's Masterchef, which I apparently miss more than I thought I did.
This is my rock bottom.

Hopefully I won't have any updates for this list but if I do, I'll share.

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