12 March 2009

30 weeks & all is well

This week your baby continues to open and shut his eyes. He can probably see what's going on in utero, distinguish light from dark and even track a light source. If you shine a light on your stomach, your baby may move his head to follow the light or even reach out to touch the moving glow. Some researchers think baring your stomach to light stimulates visual development. But don't expect 20/20 vision when your baby is born -- newborns can see a distance of only about 20 to 30 centimetres. (Children with normal vision don't reach 20/20 vision until about age 7 to 9.) To complete the picture, your baby now has eyebrows and eyelashes.

Around a litre of amniotic fluid now surrounds your baby but that volume decreases as he gets bigger and has less room in your uterus. As you and the baby continue to grow, don't be alarmed if you feel breathless, as if you can't get enough air; it's just your uterus pressing against your diaphragm.

Had a checkup last week and all seems good. Got blood tests done (glucose, iron, etc) so hopefully those will be fine as well. Why does my baby need to see what's going on inside me? It can't be pleasant. I hope he has awesome eyebrows.

Nothing else new at the moment - no progress on the nursery, still looks like we're getting an intern instead of a baby. Hopefully getting a pram/stroller this weekend. We shall see if we survive another round of testing those out. Ugh.

I'll update my stomach photo soon because I'm growing and am a moose ... or it looks like I'm smuggling a moose under my shirt.

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