24 March 2009

still pregnant

Here's a picture of my crib with the new GORGEOUS blanket that my mother made for me!! We had the matching pillow from ages ago and that mobile is actually adorable in person - 3 waves & 2 surfboards to inspire our future little surfer. That land whale in ethnic prints is me.

Had my next doctor's appointment today. Baby's still in there. My uterus is measuring about a week ahead of how many weeks I actually am. It's very strange how that works. All along it's matched up perfectly - when I was 24 weeks my uterus was 24 centimetres, when I was 29 weeks it was 29 centimetres. Now it's running ahead but doctor says not to worry, the baby doesn't feel big or anything like that. I'm also low on iron now so have had to start taking iron supplements, which doesn't thrill my soul because I've heard they often cause constipation and I would like to finish out this pregnancy with no troubles from that end of the spectrum please.

All else is well, he's in head down position and ready to go. Still an active chap kicking and punching in there constantly.

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