05 October 2010

Oh, hi.

I've been avoiding you. Could you tell? There was a little awkwardness in the air, I admit it but I didn't want to have to admit I failed at the world's greatest fitness challenge. Maybe I shouldn't have built it up to be such a wildly awesome thing but I was excited about it. Sadly, I only made it 5 days in a row then I got achy. Not workout muscle pain achy, which I also was but that's to be expected, but oh-my-gosh-I-can't-possibly-be-getting-sick-again aching. So I missed TWO days due to trying to fight infection then I was ready to go back over the weekend only to discover too late that the gym was closing early one day for the holiday weekend & then was completely closed the next day. FOUR days of no gymming, what a bloody shame. Was back in full force yesterday - well, not full force because the gym was absolutely packed & there was actually people standing around waiting for machines to open up. As if there isn't enough uncomfortable interaction at the gym, I was not up for loiterers hanging around while I did my weights or hovering over others while I waited for them. So I knocked out the treadmill then headed home. Hopefully tonight will be back to normal then I'll get 7 days in before I leave on a jet plane.

So after my failed fitness quest, I'm taking on another grand scheme. Do you visit younghouselove.com? If not, you should! Well if you enjoy simple, gorgeous, logical home DYI ideas you should visit younghouselove.com (every day like me). The gorgeous Sherry who runs the site with her husband apparently does a little thing she adorably calls Aqua-tober where she drinks nothing but water for all of October. Yes, I'm late as it's already the 5th but I need a way to cut Coke out of my diet & keep me from hooking up to a sweet tea IV while I'm in Tennessee! A catchy name helps me every time. Let's be honest here, I am going to cheat (a million flights without Coke to hype me up & dehydrate when I need it least? I don't think so)(and SERIOUSLY, the south without sweet tea is a sin) but at least I have a little something to hang on to cut the habit down. And I can smugly proclaim "Oh, just water for me. After all, it is Aqua-tober" & feel ever so superior.

All else has gone well in our house. I am ignoring the fact that I am currently surrounded by a toy explosion, a gazillion loads of laundry & my neatly made bed is hidden under a half-packed suitcase & my carry-on bags that I have reorganised about 30 times. The long weekend was rainy & crap but it was good to stay in & hang with the family. I've been concentrating so much on the upcoming trip that I keep forgetting that we'll be away from Marcel for 2 weeks & that is going to suck. For me & Ben. Marcel will be living it up back here, I'm sure - I'm imagining nude XBox or PS3 marathons into the wee hours of the morning. I don't know why I think people instantly drop their clothes the second they're alone - I know I don't do it but there is something in my brain that has a very weird idea of the awesomeness in other people's lives.

And on that nudey note, I'm off to clean my kitchen & dust everything that is currently sitting still in this little house. Such a mess. Hope you're having a super day & don't judge me for my fitness failure. Oh, and yes I am a tiny bit sick again!! Can you freaking believe it? This is the millionth time in the last couple of months. So far just that snotty sore throat feeling & I am praying there will be no sinus pressure to kill me while flying.

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  1. Oh Ash, you always make me laugh - I love how you write! Good on you for getting back on the exercise band-wagon so easy to give up when you've missed a few days. I myself have fallen back to weight watchers to save me from myself, not going to the meetings but following the plan as know it by rote having done it on and off for the last umpteen years. Yes, after finding myself rifling through the fridge for jaffa fudge at 2am this morning, I thought enough was enough! Nicxx