27 September 2010


So, we're officially deep in the depths of teething. Last night was no better than the night before - up many hours with a very unhappy little boy. Looks like it's his incisors, canines, eye teeth, something, I looked at the charts & can't remember which ones they were! In any case, the teething drama queen has regained his grouchy throne. He's okay during the day, though, so I'll give him credit for that. A smart mama would nap when he naps but I'm going to color my hair again instead because the lighter brown I have at the moment just looks faded and it may be a tiny bit uneven in places because I didn't take much care in putting the color in last time.

My plan for tonight's drama is to start the evening by singing The Black Eyed Peas I've Got a Feeling. There's a chance that it's supposed to be I Gotta Feeling but I'm too lazy to google so I'm going with the grammatically correct version. Singing "Tonight's gonna be a good niiiiight" over & over is bound to bring positive results in my opinion.

And last night I knocked out day 5 of The Greatest 17 Days the World has Ever Known. It was a very half-hearted, half-assed attempt. I was very tired from the night before & had a crackin' headache so I just managed 11 minutes on the treadmill of walking briskly uphill then did some time on the squat machine (I wrote "squart" instead of "squat" at first & it's given me the giggles FYI) then gave up & went home. I don't think I ever said I was going to knock it out of the park for 17 days in a row, just that I was going to go to the gym for 17 days so I haven't failed yet.

Sadly, there is nothing else going in my life. Just counting down the days until Ben & I leave for America! I've got my suitcase sitting on the bedroom floor & have started a bit of packing. Need to put all the info for all of my flights in one itinerary for my sanity & print out e-tickets, Ben's visa info & get my luggage tags sorted. I like to be overly organized before I travel then I go all OCD & go over the information over & over - at some point in time I highlighted confirmation numbers & other important things. Actually, if I had a highlighter I would do that again this go 'round. Hmmmm, do I have a highlighter?

Anyway, off to get my boy down for a nap so I can color my hair, do some push-ups & sit-ups & get ready for the day. Hope yours is muy fabuloso!

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  1. Good on you for sticking at the gym thing ash, I find it so hard to motivate myself :( Love your OCD ways, hilarious! Nicx