12 November 2011

Your burgled baubles bore me.

Again, I am avoiding actually finishing the longest blog entry on earth because I'm bored with it. Let's see if I can sum it up in one sentence:

I finally feel great, Ben is awesome, Evan is fantastic & Marcel is dandy too.

So there, you're up to date. I did get hit with mastitis for a day or two in there somewhere & there may still be some thrush lurking in my nipples but I'm treating it (sorry, I should warn you before you have to read terrible things like that) so feeling okay. Mom went home & I miss her terribly, especially since that leaves me at home with the boys who are like a circus act of nuttiness all day. I kid you not that Ben actually woke Evan up from a nap by standing in front of him with a fake banana under his own nose, yelling "MOUSTACHE! MOUSTACHE! MOUSTACHE!" I shall write a book one day if only to pay him back in humiliation for the trials he has put me through.

I feel the need to tell you that we had the best night the other night. Ben went down to bed easily, we had Dr. Pepper to drink (our grocery store occasionally randomly stocks "foreign" imports that surprise me)(I rarely actually drank Dr. Pepper in America so not sure why I jumped out of my skin for it now) & found old SNL episodes on the Channel 7 streaming channel through our Playstation. That last part doesn't even make sense to me so just go with it but they were there. So we were watching a Tom Hanks episode from the glory days with Will Ferrell & that whole gang, slurping on our Dr. Peppers with two happily sleeping boys, then I fell asleep on the couch & Marcel got to stay up late playing video games.

Can I tell you what capped it all off with a bang? Does anything get capped off with a bang - how messed up was that metaphor? Anyway, Evan went to bed at 7.30pm & didn't wake up until almost 3.30am! That is almost 8 hours! So I was nervous that last night would be a disaster after the miracle but low & behold he went to bed at 9pm & woke up at 5am!!!! I know all my exclamation marks appear boastful but I'm seriously not bragging because I am 110% baffled, it's a total "Why The Face" situation round these parts because I do nothing whatsoever to encourage good habits in my baby. No sleep training, no schedules, just feeding on demand, ignoring expert advice & everything that added up to Ben not sleeping through the night until weeks after I weaned him at 19 months, not 6 1/2 weeks! Kudos to you Modern Family fans for laughing at the "Why The Face" by the way.

I'm not getting my hopes up for continued full nights of sleep because I know failure always follows any success like this that causes me to break out into a spontaneous Running Man. I expect we'll be back to waking every 3-4 hours & being zombies. Last night I woke a good few times anyway just to make sure he was breathing & to check the clock & whisper "Wow" to myself like a loony tune.

The absolute only thing I did differently was to put him in his little wrap swaddle thing, which I hadn't used in a few weeks due to my laziness & forgetting to wash it in time for it to dry by bedtime. I am a truly wonderful mother. Anyway, I love that little wrap & need to remember to buy the next size up since it is getting mighty snug these days - hmmmm, maybe that's the key. And maybe if I buy TWO I wouldn't have the washing situation so regularly.

Okay, on to something not related to anything the least bit important - some movie reviews! My dear sweet mother brought some DVDs over with her so we felt like normal people, finally up to date on some halfway current movies. Very exciting. Here is my take in no particular order.

Horrible Bosses
Very funny, very crude & as much as I did not care for the one episode I saw of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (I know I need to give it another try because it seems like I should like it), I adored the whiny-voiced guy whose name has officially escaped me. And good heavens, I want to see more Kevin Spacey & Colin Farrell in movies please. I could probably survive with seeing less of Jennifer Aniston's nudeness but that's probably my flabby post-pregnancy jealousy talking. She was wonderfully awful, I will give her that.

Actually, the fact that I am forgetting the dude's name - Charlie Day? Is that it? I don't know, that could literally be anyone's name I've heard recently but I'm assigning it to him - reminds me of my favorite reason for liking this movie. It's my mom's description of it. Her & my dad saw it in Vegas & she was telling me about it, calling it How to Kill Your Boss with "that guy you like ... you know, the one from the show." That's Jason Bateman by the way. It's literally what she calls him every time she needs to talk about him. I now consider it to be the true title, instead of Horrible Bosses, it's How to Kill Your Boss with that Guy You Like ... You Know, the One from the Show. But it was seriously funny. And they actually saw two Jason Bateman movies while they were in Vegas but I can't remember what she called Ryan Reynolds who was also in the second one. Maybe she can remember his name.

Is this one even really current? I remember McDonalds had the toys for it but I didn't actually have my finger on the pulse for this movie, though we had it our Quickflix list. This is the first movie that Ben has actually liked since Toy Story & he LOVES it. This one is a serious success in our house for sure so I feel bad for basically not knowing it existed. It has some intense scary scenes that we skip through or Ben climbs on to our laps until they're over. They all feature Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords as a hot mess of a cranky cockatoo so it's hard to skip them!

Anyway, funny birds, good music, a villain named Marcel, Tracy Morgan as a bulldog & it forces me to admit that I quite adore Will.i.am. I can't spell it but I can't help but like the dude - catchy music, pays off strangers' mortgages (I saw him on Oprah) & a very good voice for animation. The movie does make me wonder if that is Jesse Eisenberg's real voice? He's the guy from what my mom calls The Facebook Movie fyi.

I imagine Rio will be on painfully high rotation around here for a while but I have no complaints so far.

Crazy Stupid Love
Officially one of my favorite movies of all time, no joke. This is a great movie people! Funny, sweet but not too predictable or cloy if I'm using that word properly & if you don't walk away from this movie smitten with Ryan Gosling, I will give you your money back. Actually I'll smack you upside the head because you are dead inside. Please see this movie - you're welcome. It's on MY Christmas list for sure.


Okay, movie reviews over for now. If you have any suggestions for other movies we need to see please let me know - I miss movies.

In other news, Ben got a haircut.

And this guy desperately needs a haircut.

Have I shown you pictures of Evan's corner of the world yet? Probably so but if not, here you go. I still need to get his name ordered for that bottom corner but I keep forgetting! I'm a dunce.

My favorite part of the corner is that top left blue sign that Marcel made for me that says "No one puts baby in a corner." Hilarious! Get it, get it? Because we put our baby in a corner. And I love Dirty Dancing. Bwahahahaha. 

Okay, I'm out of nonsense for you. Have a super duper rest of your weekend.

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  1. Oh, and please realize that Ben is his new daycare (which he loves - huzzah!) two days a week & Marcel only works a half-day on Fridays so I really only have the boys two myself two & a half days a week. Please don't feel sorry for me, I'm just finding my way & will be fine!

    Also, just to make sure you know I'm not bragging about Evan's sleeping habits I'll have you know he's a daytime catnapper so he never sleeps more than an hour at the verrrry most unless he's going through a growth spurt or some other mysterious cause of little guy exhaustion. So it's not all smooth sailing but it will all change in another few days like always!