13 November 2011

Artsy Fartsy

Due to popular demand, I'm giving you a closer look at the art on the wall in Evan's corner. And yes, I can call it popular demand even though it was just one person saying they wanted to see Marcel's Dirty Dancing sign up close. It was a lovely person who is very popular with me that requested it so here we go.

That's the Dirty Dancing reference sign up there on the left. So simple, so genius. Makes me chuckle every time. I'm going to force Marcel to open an Etsy shop with me where he does all the creative thinking & actual work but I get to name it or something. I need to learn how to letterpress or do paper cut, which is not called paper cutting I'm pretty sure but I can't remember what it is! Anyway, our shop is going to be awesome.

That little jewel sits right next to my laser-cut wooden owl from Typo, where it was either $17 or $27. 
That's about a million dollars cheaper than I saw anywhere else for similar things. 

Oh, the heart is also from Typo ($4). I love that store!

I need to take time to edit dark corners & extra crap out of my pictures.

Remember when I said I was going to start making collage animals? It was a long time ago. Anyway, the pig is the only good product of that creative burst. 

The picture on the top right is another of Marcel's genius creations. The "religious" figures are Bill & Ted in a stained glass window that we saw online (it was a stained glass phone booth!) & he took the graphic & added my favorite quote/life lesson "Be excellent to each other" underneath for Evan to soak in as meditation.

The owl was just a free postcard from the hotel we stayed at for our 6th wedding anniversary in Canberra. Free postcards advertising art exhibits are by far one of my favorite sources of artwork.

And a little "E." I am hopelessly smitten with initials & names as decoration so am thrilled it's trendy at the moment & I tend to go bananas. Once the trend passes, it will be too bad because I won't stop.

Again, photo editing would have been wise. That's the antenna to our spiffy video baby monitor so I can swim with Ben & keep an eye on sweet Evan, napping inside. I never thought I'd be a video monitor kinda gal until Target had one on clearance & it's super duper! 

The picture on the left is one of my favorites of all time. It's a picture of a painting in a junk shop in a tiny country town in Austria. We were visiting Marcel's relatives who live out there & I had basically breastfed my way around Austria with Benny so when I saw this painting of what I assume is Mary feeding Jesus, I felt immediately connected to it. The store wasn't open & was only half-assembled so there was no way I could buy the painting but Debbie was kind enough to take a quick snapshot, capturing the stuff around it too. Where it hangs is just above my side of the bed so when I'm feeding Evan now in the wee hours of the night, Mary (or whoever) is keeping me company.

Um, the fish card was a $1 when Borders was closing out. Nothing special but I love it.
Nice greeting cards, especially letterpress, are another one of my favorite (& cheapity cheap cheap) sources of "art."

I only took a picture of this one because I couldn't fit it in with anything else but I felt sorry leaving it out of this pictorial essay. I'm weird like that. Another letterpress card from Borders $1 pile when they closed, heaven bless them. If you throw a mat & frame on anything, it spiffs right up doesn't it?

Couldn't stop taking pictures so here is a closer look at Evan's clothes rack, my New York skyline from Typo (I'm a walking advertisement for them). I especially love the Bonds penguin pants & that circus elephant shirt from some random store at The Entrance, which was having a mega sale. 

Is this not the most boring blog entry I've ever done??? I'm having a great time myself but if you're scratching your eyes out reading this, you won't hurt my feelings if you need to leave.

Notice that I'm not stopping, am I? This is my bedside table of diaper-changing essentials in the basket (plus a bee rattle). I am mad that the best little guy diapers I've found so far are plastered with the Wiggles but they're cheap & good so I hold in my frustration.

That "E" rocks my world. It's from Urban Outfitters ($10) when they first introduced international shipping to here & would ship anything for $10. I'm not sure why I didn't buy out the entire housewares section because I love most of it, especially every single one of their letter styles. That's right, I'll never outgrow Urban Outfitters - I have no shame about it. Just ask the ARM WARMERS I bought there in college (don't laugh, Dana, I know you remember this). 

Also please pay attention to my beat up Nashville coaster. I once had a whole set that I bought from a truck stop (as one does) but somehow I only have one left. We must have serious sweaty drink issues. And the tiny picture of the boys I love more than life itself. 

Anyway, that's Evan's corner for you. Now on to even less important things. I am currently trying to eat a little better & starting the very very beginnings of being active again, though I can't start anything serious until I get clearance from my doctor on Friday's final post-surgery checkup. When I'm done with this fitness & eating well kick, I assume I will be able to wear green sparkly awesomeness too. 

99% of the time I am quite happy to look up to the curvy girls of the world as inspiration - Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, etc. you know you are perfect - but just for today can't I please grow about a foot & be shaped like a column so I can pull this off?? Sometimes life ain't fair, folks.

Oh & if any of you Americans are shopping at your Target Christmas departments & happen to see the below range of Christmas stockings, can you please pick me up an "E" so Evan can match the rest of us? I'll pay you back for it & for the stupid international shipping. Their website only has a few letters left & they're on clearance so I'm assuming that's a bad sign that they're not going to stock them this season but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

What kind of fool buys matching stockings overseas anyway? I should have seen this holiday disaster coming but I just didn't. *sigh*

Okay, now I'm going over to Facebook to post the funniest pictures I have ever seen & I'll try to post them here as well for those of you not on the Facebook. Spoiler alert: when I turned my camera on today I found a series of pictures that Ben had apparently taken of himself without us knowing. Lord help us.

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