23 March 2013

The Second Son

Evan is now right around 18 months old so he's reached the very pleasant stage in life where he is no longer a baby but not yet a toddler (if you're not humming Britney Spears right now, we probably shouldn't be friends). I'm also pretty sure that he has been possessed by Satan so that's no good too.

We are quickly approaching time to wean him completely - the only feeds he has now are at night anyway so I have to stop the feeding to sleep & bringing him in to our bed because I'm too lazy tired to stay awake long enough to feed him & put him back in his bed.
Technically, I'm not feeding him to sleep because it's not enough to put him to sleep anymore so I feed and rock him, then put him down in his bed where he peacefully drifts off to sleep.

Wait, no, that's not quite right.
It's less drifting off, a tad more screaming like a banshee.
Also, a dash of punching the rails of the crib and throwing things at us.
He's such a charmer.

Marcel obviously has to deal with his nap times, which are equally as delightful. He captured today's session in a series of photos that will be no doubt be dragged out every time Evan tries to argue with us as a teenager. The rate at which he already argues with us, regardless of his lack of conversational skills, guarantees we are going to be up shit creek with this one.

With no further ado, I give you Evan's naptime of terror.

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