07 May 2013

Anyone still out there?

Hello & hi there. It's been a while but you're looking mighty fine these days.

I'm going to start this blog with a major plug for work. If you're a Facebook friend of mine or follow me on Twitter, you're probably already sick of me sending out work links but this is a really fun project & we want to get it out there in the world.

I haven't talked much about work but not because I don't love it. I really do love it. I get to write & be creative all day every day so there's not much to not love.

Now this project was shot before I came on board but I've been in the wings watching it come to life through the editing, sound, graphics & the still photo shoot to accompany it. It's really awesome & I hope you get some chuckles out of it.

If you do enjoy it, let me know - it would be cool to get some feedback on it. If you really want to support us, like our facebook page or follow us on twitter.

Or don't. Whatever. I don't want to be a pest but we are a very small production company who would like to keep growing & being awesome so I'm going to be plugging this for the next few weeks.

If this is all new to you, let me introduce you to The Hangover Theory, a mash-up of The Hangover & The Big Bang Theory. It's a fun experiment in branded entertainment, which is a direction we are heading in at Sapling.

The first video is a trailer & the second is the first short episode.
There are five more to come then we'll release the final full version of it.

I couldn't embed the video from youtube so I've uploaded it here. Therefore, if you want to share it with your friends & loved ones (no pressure but it would be awesome & I'll repay the favor when you have something to flog), I beg of you to use the following link so we can get more views out of you:

Thank you kindly!

Now on to the triumphs of parenthood...
Benny dressed himself today!
Light blue Humpty Dumpty shirt with light blue jeans & flannel shirt to keep warm.
Everything put on, zipped & buttoned by himself.
I couldn't be prouder!
I have no idea at what point in development this is supposed to happen for boys but I'm assuming it's around 12 or 13 & he's super advanced? Right?
Please don't burst my bubble by telling me about your son who came out of the womb in a tuxedo, tying his own bow tie & straightening his cummerbund (note: when I originally typed that word, I mangled it horribly, somehow dragging poor Benedict Cumberbatch into the fray).

When I attempted to help him straighten out the button situation, he made the executive decision to just leave it unbuttoned. I can respect that.

And then when I started snapping pictures, he walked away. 
He's turning 4 on the 18th but I'm pretty sure he thinks he's turning 17.

While these pictures are here, may I please ask for your assistance with some decorating concerns?
Those grey $9 IKEA curtains are placeholders until we have inspiration/money for something better. 
We are looking for an affordable big rug & are inheriting an awesome funky coffee table. 
Yes, we hate the carpet but it's staying until it's so filthy it falls apart because it's so soft for the little guys at this point & we want to replace it with wood, which won't be as kind to a certain stumbling toddler.

So, we need help on paint colors for the walls!
The room has a blue, grey & yellow color palate with plenty of splashes of other accents.
Main problem is the mezzanine up there behind the couch is our dining room & kitchen area so while we don't have to use the same color, it needs to work together.
And anyone have some great curtain suggestions? I may just steal my friend Dana's cute ones while she's asleep. 

And Evan gave a rose to his daycare lady for Teacher Appreciation Day. 

That's all folks!
I am absolutely going to attempt to blog more regularly. And not just start 20 different entries then get distracted & wander away like usual. We shall see ...

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