19 February 2009

Uterus, be polite.

One step forward, two steps back. Not cool. I'm 27 weeks now and I read this today: Starting now and continuing through the last three months of pregnancy, you may be plagued by leg cramps, haemorrhoids, varicose veins and an itchy abdomen. I was feeling pretty damn smug that I've almost made it to 7 months without any of these issues - are they seriously going to start just now?? Pregnancy is for the birds, my friend, it makes me want to scream some days.

Here's the other latest baby news:
Your baby now weighs nearly 2 pounds/ 875 grams and measures 14.5 inches/ 36.6 centimetres from head to toe. Her eyes open and close, she sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and she may suck a finger or thumb. Sweet dreams, little baby! Some experts believe that babies begin to dream by the 28th week. What do they dream about? No one knows for certain but the brain is active this week as well. The characteristic grooves on the brain's surface start to appear and more brain tissue develops. Chalk up any rhythmic movement you may be feeling to a case of the hiccups, which are common this week and throughout the pregnancy. Your baby has them but is breathing in amniotic fluid rather than air. A paper bag can't cure her hiccups, obviously, but an episode usually lasts only momentarily. The sensation for you may be strange but not unpleasant.

I think we've decided on a name, just one name. We're going to wait before we share it (unless you live in the greater Lebanon, TN area in which my mother has probably already left it on your voicemail) just in case we change our mind.

This weekend I'm going to take some pictures of the most ridiculous parts of my pregnancy life as of now. Like my current zipper situation - I insisted on squeezing into my skinny jeans and all is well except my extended belt is not cooperating with the little panel that's supposed to hide the fact that my zipper is hanging open. Luckily my maternity t-shirt is covering up the scene but I feel like a moron walking around with my pants half undone. I also need to introduce you to my Snoodle ... or is it Snoogle? Whatever it's called, it's the pillow that surrounds me like a force field and keeps my hips in alignment and my stomach supported. Again, it make me feel like an ass and I always wake up to Marcel hanging off of it - he must miss me when I'm locked away behind my Snoogle.

That's it in my world today. I'm off to drink my 2-3 litres of water and keep my feet up and do some work. Yee-haw.

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