01 February 2009

the crazy has arrived

I've been pretty well-balanced throughout this pregnancy, cranky from time to time but nothing way out of the ordinary. Until this weekend. Someone let the loony loose. To be fair to myself, I was up half the night throwing up on Friday night and slept on the couch so then wasted half of Saturday snoozing to catch up and that always makes me miserable. Then I was just a bitch for the rest of the weekend (it's 7.30 on Sunday night so it's not even over yet). I even let the crazy hang out in public today when I went to the grocery store - had a loft goal of making chicken & dumplings with cornbread muffins to make me a happy girl. I decided it was wise to start my shopping adventure with the cornbread fixin's as Australia isn't known to carry the most Southern friendly products. Sure enough, not a damn bag of corn meal or corn nothing to be found. I spent a good few minutes staring and cursing out loud in the flour/sugar/baking aisle. I had already invested $18 in a mini-muffin pan so I had to do something so I stalked off and bought a box of cupcake mix instead & didn't bother trying to get stuff for chicken & dumplings because I was too damn mad. I will not go into the rage that started boiling beneath my skin while waiting for the world's stupidest people trying to work out the "scan your own crap" checkout aisles. It was not a pretty day and no amount of mini-cupcakes could make it right. It doesn't help that I'm reading a crime novel based in the south where the characters are all drinking sweet tea and eating friend okra and I have neither. Granted, I could make either of those things my damn self but I would prefer if someone would quickly build a Cracker Barrel here in Terrigal and solve this problem for me. Marcel is off fishing with his friends today just in case you were getting worried about him, by the way. I try to give him enough warning that I'm on the edge and he needs to keep his distance.

It's also a sticky hot evening tonight. The day was nice & breezy but for some reason the heat is hanging heavy tonight, which doubles the crankiness factor for me. I need to take a bath to shave my legs (hoisting them up on the shower wall is proving trickier these days) & it's too hot for that. I'm minutes away from pulling the trusty ice pack out of the freezer to cool me down. We saw the movie Doubt last night, which I looooved even though it was a bit quiet so I had to hold back on my popcorn chomping and frozen Coke slurping - but normally when watching these kind of movies I would sympathise with the friendly sweet nun played by Amy Adams but last night I was watching the overly critical judgments of Meryl Streep thinking to myself "She's got a point." I need to find the bitch dial and crank it down a couple of notches I'm afraid.

There is some positive news in my life, I promise I'm not all doom & gloom. I managed to find a bedspread/tapestry thing in the exact fabric of a pillow I bought last year that I always dreamed of having in a nursery so my lovely mother ordered it and is making it into a baby bedspread thing!! I'm very very excited because all of my nursery colours were based around that one pillow so it's nice to have a blanket to pull it all together. The room is finally coming together in my little brain so now I just have to physically get all of the item and put them in the room but we're putting that off so we don't have to stare at a completely furnished baby room for months. And let's face it, if I set it all up now I'll just keep adding to it & adding to it so eventually it will be packed full of useless items that the baby may or may not like.

I'm going to go now before I spend more time frolicking in the bitter barn. Have something deep friend or accompanied by sweet tea for me.

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