22 August 2009

May we not grow weary

Lordy lordy, look who's 40. Or at least look who feels like she's aged 10 years in a couple of days. It's me. Ben is having some nursing issues - after feeding for a couple of minutes, he'll pull off and scream/cry like Freddy Krueger is winking at him from my chest. Then he won't go back on and he won't even get into a nursing position without crying. Sometimes I can fake him out by trying a different side or a different position but most of the time it just turns into d-r-a-m-a and I have to walk him around the apartment, narrating everything we see, which calms him down every time. I'm the David Attenborough of our apartment. Most of the time I handle his flipping out very well - I tend to keep my sense of humor through it and just talk to him and take it all with a grain of salt. Today I chose to cry instead but I'm recovering and have instead turned to the lovely Josh Pyke to bring calm to our home.

That section is in italics because it was the pre-meltdown paragraph but we've recovered. Danced slowly with Ben to Josh Pyke's Chimnies Afire album and he chilled out enough to feed while we danced and now is asleep across my lap. Thank you, Mr. Pyke. This is the first time I've played this one since having Ben - it came out right around the beginning of my pregnancy and I listened to it constantly so when I turned it on a few weeks ago nausea hit me immediately!! It's like my body remembered what it was up to last time I was in Chimnies Afire mode. Weird but I'm pushing through because I need my "douchebag with a guitar" romantic groovy music. Family Guy gave me that term and I use it affectionately and respectively, of course. Remind me to post a picture from when I followed Josh Pyke around a party but never worked up the nerve to talk to him - another priceless Ashley experience.

Anyhoo, now that my music infomercial is over (seriously, check the boy out), back to the baby. So walking, talking, dancing work and sometimes I make up silly songs for him so I guess that makes me the Weird Al of our apartment as well. While he does have his daytime/evening freakouts we have been lucky in one area SO FAR -- if I say "so far" I can't jinx myself, right? -- is nighty night time. He falls asleep anywhere from 6.30 to 8.30pm then sleeps until 3.30am for a quick snack where neither of us are fully awake and he just feeds while we're laying down, then right back to sleep. Then he wakes around 5 or 5.30am to go through his gassy routine and I change his diaper and we laugh & giggle & coo, then he goes back to sleep for another hour or two. Bless the boy. He sleeps with us, which is not frowned upon here (if you want to discuss this with me I'm a keen advocate of this co-sleeping business), so I wake up a few times just enough to make sure everyone's in a safe place and I usually don't sleep again after 5.30 or 6am but I'm a happy reasonably well-rested mama ... SO FAR. Anything could change at anytime.

Another major development today - we finally bought a rocker. Not the old-fashioned wooden ones like I thought about and not those hokey looking gliders but a big puffy rocker/recliner. It's a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Seriously, it feels like a cloud and a marshmallow fell madly in love and produced this chair. It looks just as comfy - the salesguy worded it right when he said it looked like the bottom of a cat's paw - I'll post a picture when it's delivered on Monday. We will ignore the fact that we have to rearrange the nursery to fit the Catnapper in and will just focus on the awesomeness of it. Marcel attempted to talk me into a handsome La-Z-Boy but I stood firm (which is rare - I'm easily persuaded). I feel like this chair will change our lives, it's THAT comfy. Ben actually fell asleep while we were just testing it out!

Okay, I could ramble on about other things but I think I need to get my some socks because his tootsies feel cold. Have a fabulous day in your corner of the world.

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