23 August 2009

no one likes a boaster

Gonna start on a positive note - this is what I saw when I came out of the shower this morning - father and son indeed.

Noooow, next time you see me getting all cocky about how happy I am like that last post, kick me swiftly. Otherwise the universe will get me. It got me good yesterday by making Ben scream, cry, sob & wail most of yesterday with the shortest naps and very little eating all day. I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow but most likely it's what the doctors call "normal baby behavior" and I call "what the hell has possessed this child." Oh well. He is fine this morning but he was also fine yesterday morning - I'm not holding my breath for an easy one today but at least we'll get our rocking chair today so we can curl up in that and rock our troubles away (if he allows me to sit down, which he often doesn't when he's upset).

Already trimmed boy's nails today - he rubs his face in his sleep and when he eats so he woke up this morning looking like he had a smack fight with an angry cat. Between all the scratches and the constant crying, someone is bound to call Child Services on me. Yikes.

Okay, someone is officially sick of his little rocking swing thing. Gotta run.

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