18 August 2009

Wowza and Yowza

I'm not going to attempt to go back and cover all the ground since the last time I wrote one of these updates because too much has happened. I had a baby but you probably already know that and chances are you know every painful detail anyway about the birth, first weeks, etc. so I'll just hit the ground running right where we are now. Grouchy baby that is way overtired and refuses to go to sleep.

Turns out I'm a bit of a hippy mom, which I never thought possible. Ben sleeps with us and I keep him on me at basically all times but I still refuse to call it attachment parenting because I do use a stroller when the boy is willing to stay in it and I just hate giving a title to anything I do. Anyhoo, recently Ben hasn't been getting enough sleep during the day and he is currently in the stage of overtiredness. He is jerky, fidgety and a bit manic. I'm worried that because most of his naps take place on me that he's picking up on my wakeful/wanting to take a shower vibes and not sleeping as long as he should. So yesterday I finally put his butt in his bassinet and he put himself directly to sleep like an angel. 10 minutes later I knocked something over and he woke up crankier than ever. Today he's not putting himself to sleep, he's just fussing and kicking and probably calling me whatever terrible names that baby call their mothers behind our backs. Please sleep child.

He's a fantastic baby - the past week or two is the first of him actually crying regularly. He has a lot of gas and painful poop issues that wake him up in a terrible way apparently. And he's discovered that he can whine with his cry as well and that's just a joy for us all, let me tell you. Two instant solutions for him are walking him around (but the second you stop or dare to put him down, the crying starts back immediately) or changing his diaper. He doesn't seem to actually care that there's stuff in his diaper but he loves getting it changed - I'm convinced he enjoys the one on one time that you have to give him.

And just a quick note that I keep using the American words for things like diaper (nappy), stroller (pram) and pacifier (dummy)(not that Ben is willing to try one). I feel like a jackass using the Australian version, like a bit of try-hard. And the word pacifier is so darn formal it's hilarious and in the case of nappy, it has a totally different meaning in America that I'm not 100% comfortable throwing around. So that's that.

Wish my first post back was more exciting but I'm off to rescue Benjamin from what could be a nice peaceful sleep if he would just let it happen.

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