14 December 2010

U2 & you too

There are few things in life that make me as happy as seeing a U2 concert - when people talk about visualizing their "happy place" I'm always bouncing along to Where the Streets Have no Name with 80,000 other nuts. So last night I went to my 10th happy place U2 concert!! Yes, I went alone. I wish Marcel had been there with me but he stayed with Ben & they had a lovely boys evening at home. And I was able to get an awesome (but expensive) single seat behind the red zone & right against a fence, which is important for two reasons. One, I like to lean against things & I was able to squirrel my purse away out of the way of dirty stadium feet. Secondly, it was along the walkway that lead between the dressing rooms to the stage! I'll get to more of that shortly.

The stage was 360 degrees (hence the 360 tour name) so even though our section was to the side of the stage you could still see everything & more importantly, I could nose at all the comings & goings of the crew, friends & family. I was in heaven - after almost 20 years of fandom, some of which were teenage years where I would obsessively research anything I could about them, I was able to see some crew members, etc. that I recognized. Such as ....

Paul McGuinness
U2's longtime manager. He "discovered" them when they were teenagers in the 1970s. Best gamble ever so I salute you, sir. Can you imagine how well he's sleeping after a gazillion years with these guys?

And how about Edge's brother? I don't mean that in a "Hey, this guy looks like Edge." No, I mean that if this man isn't related to Edge I will eat my hat. I don't know what that means but I've heard that saying before. Anyway, not sure why Edge's brother (hey, I'm just going to call it) is dressed for a run but whatever.

Okay, I won't bore you with a set list or my review because you can look up reviews yourself & they would be a lot more sensical as they're written by people who are qualified to write such things. I think you know my review would just be a lot of AWESOME & exclamation points. Oh wait, here's a review of the second night: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/u2-live-in-sydney-a-pulsating-night-with-a-message-20101214-18wst.html

So let's move on to something I can handle - more random terrible pictures. Seriously, this is going to be the longest post ever because I have some terrible pictures & I want to share them with the world ... yeah, that's you. Let's get started.

The claw pre-show from my seat. Also the tops of the heads of the couple I like to call The Eggs because they were both shaped like eggs & kept swaying. I adore The Eggs. I also fear what the guys sitting behind me are posting on their blogs today with a picture of my ass swaying. 

As if I wasn't a sad enough sight to see, bobbing around to Jay-Z all by my lonesome & taking pictures of myself, I had to add a small bucket of hot chips to the equation. Why do I have to be that girl?

I have no idea where Jay-Z is on that stage but he's up there. I gave up attempting pictures of him almost immediately but I do love him & his good manners. I strongly urge all of you going to see him if you ever have a chance!

I'm sorry, did someone request Jay-Z in a golf cart? 

And what? You prefer it in the other direction with a little wave at the end? Don't mind if I do.

Okay, before I expose you to the collective disaster that makes up the rest of my concert photography, I will explain the camera situation. Firstly, I stole Marcel's iPhone so I could surf the web & update facebook if I felt weird by myself before everything started - too bad the service didn't work thanks to all us nerds doing the same thing. The phone couldn't really handle the lighting so every picture I took of the band with it made them look like little blobs being struck by lightning. I had my little point & shoot camera as well but of course if I used the flash I got a lovely shot of the heads in front of me with very little idea that a concert was going on behind them. Not using the flash requires a very very steady hand, which I DO NOT HAVE so it appears that I took a photo mid-seizure. I ended up taking lots of videos that no one on earth will want to watch except me because at least it was a little less nausea-inducing.

And on we go.

Mid-seizure, I caught a guitar tech with one of my favorite of Edge's guitars. 

**If a video doesn't appear here, I got sick of waiting for it to load but I'm leaving the caption. It's on facebook anyway.
Some dudes strolling in just in time for the show. When they strolled back out there was a ton of people with their cameras filming them but I just wanted to appreciate them without the camera in their face so I was just grinning like a loon giving them my warmest smile & giving them the old "good on ya" clap & since they were heading towards us Bono saw me, smiled & clapped back at me!! Lesson learned, won't live behind a camera & will appreciate being in the moment more. 

I do believe that's Bono. I can't believe I'm putting these pictures on here - please don't judge me.

Blobs being struck by lightning.

No idea, I think I was just trying to capture the glorious stage at this point.

The only reason I'm including this one is because when I saved it, I actually title it Huh? because I have no clue what's going on or why I even tried.

I'm not making any promises but I do believe this was during Where the Streets Have No Name, which is my theme song. Did you watch Ally McBeal? Do you remember how she advocated having a theme song that you hear in your head when you need a confidence boost? I think WTSHNN is mine.

*sigh* U2. I wasn't really close to the stage or anything but I was closer than these photos would suggest. How does that work?

Blobs being struck by lightning. 

Look at that screen! I actually Wow'ed out loud as the screen separated into little panels but still held an overall picture. I can't describe it better than that but I kept thinking that I wished Marcel was there because he would have been impressed. 

Before I start posting some song clip videos, here are some of the random notes & thoughts I had in no particular order:

1. Jay-Z is so damn polite. Lots of thank you's & telling us how much he appreciated our applause, etc.
2. I'm glad I wore my Dereon jeans. Beyonce never did show up & sit by me but I was prepared just in case it happened so we would have something to talk about.
3. Speaking of jeans, I think it's safe to say skinny jeans are finally on their way out in Sydney! I never thought I'd live to see the day. Just a few in the crowd - please note I'm only talking about boys. Girls are okay in most skinny jeans but I haaaate those boys who look like they're not even wearing pants because their jeans are so tiny & tight.
4. The weather could not have been better - just a tinge of warmth but a cool breeze. Australia called in some favors to get this weather for us!
5. U2 played a few songs from the Lovetown tour, which thrilled my little soul. I happen to adore the Rattle & Hum album so was over the moon to hear these, especially Love Rescue Me!!!
6. Hearing Magnificent live was even better than I imagine - the first time I heard that song on the latest album I couldn't wait to hear it in concert. Just one of those songs. And I kind of think of it as Ben's song because it came out in the last few months of my pregnancy & every time I heard it when he was a tiny thing it made me teary. I was born to be with you ...

Okay, now I'm teary-eyed again & I can't think of any more thoughts & one of the videos above is still loading so I'm going to take a break.


Okay, that one video is taking a million years to upload. Literally. It's year 1,002,010. Didn't you know? Did you also know it took me a good few minutes to figure out what 2010 plus 1,000,000 would look like then had to resort to the calculator to confirm it? Every math teacher I've had is shedding a tear right now. Anyway, I can't deal with the video loading time so I'll just upload the videos to my facebook instead. Have a super day!

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