04 December 2011

Starvin' Marvin

There are days when I would give up this parenting nonsense in a heartbeat. Luckily, the feeling passes fairly quickly since I generally have two awesome boys. I'll save you the mind-numbing tiny details but this weekend has been a pisser - Ben recovering from being sick & Evan just not wanting to do any day sleeps unless he's on me & breastfeeding at least every 2 hours. Lots of whining & tears from both of the bozos. I'm personally ever so glad that it all hit on the weekend so that Marcel was home to keep me sane, meaning that none of the tears ended up being from me! Anyway, we did nothing fun this weekend, didn't finish a single one of the projects we wanted to finish & the one time we decided to go out to eat, Ben puked in the parking lot so we just went back to our sad house.

It finally all hit the pinnacle today after trying our own patience by making us all sit at the table until Ben would eat his whole meal (he's getting way too skinny) but I think you know who won that standoff. He did lose possession of his new black Hot Wheels car & didn't get the chocolate milk he'd been begging for AND he had to take a nap, which he doesn't normally ever do at home but he still totally won. The child cried for over an hour before he finally fell asleep! Don't feel too bad for him because they weren't real tears, just the whiny ones that magically disappeared when I would check on him & he'd ask "Toctic some?" which is his way of saying "Chocolate milk?" Yes, we start speech classes in January. He always calls milk "some" I guess because we ask him if he wants some milk? I don't know why it caught on for that. Anyway, he cried a lot over chocolate milk & once in a while I'd hear him whine for his "blaaaack car" so he wasn't really suffering. I was suffering. Evan had joined in the crying chorus because I wasn't feeding him right that very second because I was trying to finally get showered & dressed for the day (I won't tell you how late it was) & Marcel had gone to pick something up. Ben finally passed out with his legs stuck through the bars of his bed & minus a diaper. He took his pants off, took the diaper off & put the pants back on with nothing under them. Luckily he stayed dry - that's supposed to be a sign that he's ready for potty training but I'd rather put a gun in my mouth these days so that's going to wait until after the holidays.

I actually took a couple of pictures of him asleep in his awkward position with the diaper on the floor but I am honestly too exhausted to go get the camera to post them. Tomorrow perhaps.

There is nothing else to report these days. I've gone back to the gym a couple of times, ready to get rid of the baby weight ... from both babies thank you very much. You know how when you decide to do something good, the bad thoughts get stronger? Ever since I've been making plans to get healthy (& thin) again, suddenly I am desperately hungry for ridiculous things. Anyone have an extra birthday cake with a nice buttery frosting on it that you'd like to get off your hands? Yeah, I'll have two of those please. But I think I'll settle for some Weet-Bix with unsweetened apple sauce & skim milk & a ton of water. I keep getting puffy the past few days so I obviously need to crank up the water intake, right?

On the plus side, we did get the Christmas tree put up & Ben only broke two unimportant ornaments. No, make that four but the only one that matters is fixable. I have become a Christmas ornament nut somehow. I have to restrain myself from picking them up everywhere I go - I can't resist anything penguiny (branding my poor Christmas tree I suppose) or anything halfway relevant to us. My favorite of this year has to be the retro looking TV showing the nativity. Hysterically cute & a tiny irreverent but  not really.

Obee kabee, I'm off to make myself that delicious healthy cereal & to watch a rerun of Castle. Hope your weekends have been much more exciting & a lot less whiny than mine!! And seriously, send me that cake.

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