09 December 2011

It's Friday here

Hey there, how are ya? Got a few things for you today before my brain short circuits and I just go lie facedown on The Lanai (someone watched Golden Girls today) & give in. Uber drama around here today if you can't guess.

But firstly and foremostly, I need a favor. I read blogs of all kinds & somehow at some point in time I stumbled upon a lovely one called Simply Radiant. I don't know the woman who writes it in any way shape or form & I honestly can't even remembered whose link to a link to a link I followed to find her (probably a cute craft that I had every intention to make but you know how that goes) but she's great. She shares stories of her gorgeous family, her home, travels & faith. Anyway, her family could use some prayers for her youngest son (you know anyone with two sons automatically has my heart). If you want to check out her blog, you can see what I'm talking about here:
Otherwise, maybe just send up a quick prayer or warm thought for a mom you don't know but who needs it now.

But back to the mom that you do know and who always needs your prayers because I am hopelessly bad at this mothering crap sometimes. SOMETIMES. Sometimes I get it right ... I think. Evan slept 11 hours straight last night, then only woke up at 7am long enough to have a quick feed then slept another hour. I'm taking credit for that even though I did nothing besides peeking every so often to make sure he was breathing.

And to brag on my other son for a moment, my #1 went #1 in the potty for the first time today!! Huzzah!! Hooray!! Other exciting words!! As you know, we have not pushed the potty issue with him at all after many discussion withs nurses, midwives & teachers that said it's best to wait until he told us he was ready. I assumed this would be sometime after he went away for college at the rate that we were going but now I think it could happen by high school instead so major improvement! When I asked him this afternoon if he wanted to do it again, he gave me a very firm "no" so maybe it was a bit more traumatic than I imagine tinkles to be. 

We're all sick around here so drama is running high and patience is running low. The weather was crap until this afternoon when the sun suddenly made an appearance so we had a strong case of cabin fever on top of the sniffles, sneezes, snorts & headaches. But now Marcel is home & has set off with Ben on a shopping adventure - I predict it will end in tragedy as Marcel is as sick as the rest of us but here's hoping for the best. I'm using my precious time to hopefully get Evan down for a nap (hahahaha!) and to clean the house. Um, after I finish this blog I'll do all that. 

Now, when our family gets bored there is one time waster that cheers us up for at least a good few minutes - we hit ye olde Photo Booth on our rootin' tootin' Macintosh (remember when we called them that?) & had some fun. I will leave you with the results. Please ignore the lamp that thinks it's part of the family. I don't have the heart to tell Old Silver Balls that he needs to step off.

We started with an attempt for a good picture but Evan went all Popeye & somehow Ben managed to give himself buck teeth.

More Popeye plus I'm starting my crazy face & Ben pulled an ornament out of nowhere for a snack.

I'm trying to teach Ben how to properly stick out his tongue.
His version is a little too sweet. 

I'm also teaching my boys to be tough.
I'd also be happy if they turned out to be like this guy:

*sigh* How much of a mom am I that when I see a gorgeous actor who seems to have his crap together, be successful, friendly, smart, etc. I don't think "I want him." Nope, I think "I want my sons to be like him." 

Evan's thinking, "Oooooh, things about to get crazy up in here."

And out comes my duck face. 
I don't know where it comes from but it always makes an appearance. 
In my next life, I will have cheek bones!

Oh Evan, fire your mama.
Also, that magnified sausage neck of mine is what clinches the win on every ugly face contest I enter.

Let the good times roll. 

Awww, my little rays of sunshine who WOULD NOT SIT STILL FOR A DECENT PICTURE.

Anyway, it is now much later than when I started this & all I've managed to do was rock & feed Evan who slept until I put him down, make our bed & blow my nose about 700 times. Time for a warp speed cleaning session so Marcel doesn't realize how useless I am. Godspeed!

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