20 December 2011

Christmas Wishes

I fear my last post was too sentimental because I am still get teary thinking about my friends here, there & everywhere. I apparently opened the flood gates so if you ladies don't mind doing nothing this year, I would greatly appreciate it. 

So today I shall focus on myself & share with you my selfish Christmas wishes. I have some absolutely sincere wishes as well but those are boring.

I wish
I could have one day of Ben's toddlerhood that didn't involve him spilling something on something else.
It's usually whatever drink I'm attempting to enjoy.
And since the most decadent drink I have most days is a caffeine free Diet Coke, "enjoy" is stretching it.
But it's better in my mouth than all over the table or couch or floor ... or me.

I wish
I could figure out how to make a fortune on all the fine cheese I clean out of Evan's neck rolls every day after he drips as much milk as he drinks.

I wish 
Brownies & celery would trade nutritional content.

I wish
Kids couldn't hear curse words.
Some days, cursing is my only outlet.

I wish
For a million more wishes!
See, I'm smart.

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