18 April 2012


Sorry I keep disappearing - I'm having a hard time trying to say what's in my brain. That sounds really dramatic but I don't mean it in a sick, living inside my own thoughts too much kind of way. I mean it in more of a ... uh ... well, yeah, like I'm losing intelligence & can't find words, which severely limits my ability to ramble aimlessly as I usually tend to do.

Marcel left early Tuesday morning to go hike in the wilds of Tasmania with some friends. Must be nice, right? Just kidding - I know how great I have it with my partner in crime & he deserves an escape, which is very rare. And one day when I don't have a little human attached to me 24 hours a day I shall escape myself.

Luckily, I am surviving his absence quite well so far. If you peeked inside our house you would not agree with me - it kind of looks like a pack of deranged animals was let loose in here & then a hurricane came along after that. Ben had a friend over & her mom & I had such a lovely time with each other that I didn't waste any time following the kids around cleaning up. And it is POURING down rain this week - it literally started immediately after Marcel left the house & has yet to stop - so we're stuck inside, driving each other nuts.

And I know you're thinking that I should just get out there & take Ben out to wear him out but it's seriously bad, lots of flash floods popping up & I'm not stoked about getting stranded out there with my dudes.

Also driving me nuts is the fact that I should be at a Chicks at the Flicks, watching The Lucky One or whatever it's called. Shut up. I have been proud of never seeing a Nicholas Sparks movie but it's Zac Efron HAVING SEXY TIMES (finally, might I say). I'm watching TV & they keep showing ads for it constantly - I will have to go see it this weekend once the mister returns from Tassie.

And here we go - I have literally forgotten where I was going with this blog. I know I had things to discuss, probably very important, life-altering views on mothering but one mention of Zac Efron HAVING SEXY TIME IN A SHOWER (according to the preview) & I can't remember my own name.

Ah well, I'm off to take a bath - not for any luxurious reasons, I just need to soak my achy old lady body - turns out that caring for two nutty children on your own is exhausting. I always have the utmost respect for single parents but whenever I have to spend a bit of time on my own I want to start handing out crowns to all of you who do this all the time because you are amazing people. Honestly, you deserve much much love.

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