26 April 2012

happy little Vegemites

I'm feeling pretty darn fantastic today so I thought I'd share. Actually, I felt even better a few minutes ago - would have gone so far as a fan-fucking-tastic - but then I added up my WW points for the day & realized that tortillas are no friend of mine (can you say addiction?). And now Evan is crying on the floor because he knows I'm trying to actually do something selfishly. Babies know these things - if I was doing something I hated, he'd be a happy little chappy rolling in the floor, minding his own business but he must be able to tell that I'm typing happily so he has to interrupt.

Also, he pooped so he might just want that changed.

In any case today is okay. Ben is at daycare after a doctor's appointment this morning -  he is healthy, wealthy & wise so don't worry about him. Well, maybe he's not so much wealthy or wise just yet but healthy is good enough for now. He's had a bit of personality meltdown recently but I don't want to weight down my good mood going into all of that so I'll save it for another day when I feel more like venting on crazy toddlers & half-assed sleep training & all that fun stuff.

Yesterday I stole a bit of time to myself for the first time in a gazillion years. After Marcel's five days away last week we knew I needed to get away from everyone before I stopped loving them. I have had some rough days as of late but that's not the focus today so moving on ....

Marcel was home yesterday because it was the ANZAC Day holiday (google it, I'm too lazy to explain at the moment but it's like Veteran's Day) so I took myself out to a movie. Saw The Hunger Games & enjoyed it if you can actually say that you enjoy a movie like that. It's not the perkiest movie of all time but I could not bring myself to watch what would undoubtedly be a tearjerker Zac Efron movie alone so Hunger Games was my backup.

Let's be honest, I have become one of those people who sees movies out so rarely that if I have that blessed movie popcorn & a drink in my grubby hands & no responsibility on me, I will declare whatever I'm watching to be a masterpiece.

I do have one niggling issue that I need to clarify with those of you consider yourself Hunger Games aficionados. What is the deal with everyone calling Josh Hutcherson a heartthrob?? I realize that as the mother of two boys I really ought to be nice to young dudes & don't get me wrong, he's cute but young girls are going apeshit over this kid who frankly looks like the kid Rocky from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to me. I seriously kept reminding myself to imdb him when I went home to see if it WAS him. It wasn't.

Anyway, even his character wasn't some great guy either in this one. He wasn't evil or anything but he was a bit of a pushover & the only time he was really charming was when he was manipulating someone so unless Thor's brother has mega douchebaggery in his future with the sequels, this fella best step up his game because I am just not seeing it. Seriously, the tall drink of water back home is taking care of your family while you're fighting to the death so he's awesome & Miley Cyrus isn't the turd we all thought she'd be so I can't discount him for dating her in real life. So why are people all not into Gale? Is it because THEY NAMED HIM GALE? Worst names ever in this movie.

And why is Lenny Kravitz in it? He's not bad at all, in fact he's good but I can think of a few black actors who could have done just a kick-ass job of that role & could use the exposure of such a massive trilogy on their CV. But again, he's good, seriously easy on the eyes & appears to have done a deal with the devil so that he will never age so I will end my complaints here.

I can not & will not say a bad word against Jennifer Lawrence because she rocked my socks off. Made me want to run home & dye my hair brunette again too. Was also impressed by Woody Harrelson & Elizabeth Banks who I didn't recognize for ages even though I knew she was going to be in it.

So anyway, that's my rundown of nothing. Don't bring your spoilers around here for the next two books/movies please because I plan on downloading them to read. Because you know I have so many opportunities to sit & read a good book these days ... NOT.

I hope you enjoyed this newer, happier Ashley today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll stick around for a while but I make no promises. Grouchy Ashley might be funnier anyway - this one keeps singing that latest Katy Perry song & I do not care for that song one bit.

Okay, I'm not going yet - I just hit up google images so let's get back into this, folks. Josh vs. Liam - it's on like Donkey Kong.



Liam's brother.

Sorry, got distracted. Case closed.

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