21 September 2008

Belly Check - 21 September 2008

Got my blood test results. Surprise, surprise - I'm pregnant. I'm sorry, look at that gut. I am about 5 weeks along - WHY DO I LOOK LIKE KERMIT THE FROG?? That little bellybutton ring scar will soon be a giant star and that pink heart will be stretched to oblivion. Oh well, then I'll have a reason to get another tattoo to fix it.

I'll keep you updated on my paunchy physique when there's any changes. I've loaded up on my healthy snacks but I'm already getting sick of all the nuts, fruits & vegetables. I hope the penguin doesn't mind if I sneak a frozen Coke once in a while. My book says it's fine. Well, it doesn't actually mention frozen Cokes but I can have caffeine in moderation. The shouting salesman at the fruit market (I don't have the energy to explain) talked me into buying 6 little cartons of strawberries - I got them for the price of 2 cartons but what am I going to do with 6 cartons of strawberries?? I'll be putting them in yogurt, cereal & anything else that sits still. I put 3 cartons in the freezer for smoothies. I'm planning on lots of smoothies so I can trick myself into having enough fruit & dairy. Genius plan.

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