27 September 2008


I have officially collected the few items that we have on hand for a nursery. We aren't buying anything for said nursery until we know whether it will be a Little Mr. or Little Miss but I got those boxes at IKEA for a hilariously low price and they are exactly the colours I want for a baby room. The Animalz are from the greatest store on earth The Pajama Squid (http://www.thepajamasquid.com/), which is owned by one of my favourite people on earth Tiffany King. And every child needs a pillow of the greatest president ever. I even went so far as to move all these items into our current guestroom/future baby room (pending negotiations with Mr. Eisele who thinks we should just throw the crib by the computer in his depressing office)(he is going to lose this battle). Anyway, that's it for the nursery for a couple of months.

I'm still nauseated, which I'm not happy about. Some days I just don't feel hungry and the thought of eating makes me want to puke so I don't eat then all the acid makes me sick instead. I had a loaded baked potato for breakfast (shut up) and it hit the spot so I'll be doing more of those I suppose. And I'm keeping the Rolaids on hand. When I reference my baby book and websites, they tell me that my body is working its hardest at the moment building a placenta. That kind of makes me even more nauseous to be honest so I try not to think about it. Major organs are in place, the heart may be beating, it's got a mouth but until it lets me eat in peace this will not be a magical time.

Now I'm off to get the last of my blood results and to make my first prenatal appointment.

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