25 September 2008


The belly has gone down a bit, thankfully. I feel a bit more normal now that my pants aren't so tight! We're slowly getting out of our daze as well - it helps that we are talking about it with our family & friends now. Very, very exciting. The first few days it just didn't feel real (okay it still barely does) and while we were happy, we were just zombies. After we told both sets of our parents we were talking to each other and both kind of said how surprised we were that everyone was so excited about the whole thing. I'm not sure what exactly we expected but the outpouring of love & happiness has been pretty cool. Now we're slowly getting excited but still a bit cautious because it's not normal yet. I guess this is one reason why it would have been smart to wait out the first trimester before telling. We just can't keep a secret to save or lives. Oh well.

I'm not going to keep you up to date on my nutrition because it's boring. Just know that I'm eating well & actually managing to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. We will be exercising as well but that starts next week after I've seen a doctor for my last blood test results this weekend.

Okay, I shouldn't have really updated because there's nothing new to report. I'm trying to keep myself from looking at baby clothes & nursery items online. I am very afraid this will be a spoiled child.

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