25 September 2008


Okay, the most frustrating problem I'm having at the moment is clumsiness. I am choosing to blame it on El Guapo (yep, I'm stuck on movie nicknames for the kid now) because I hate to think my brain is just messing with me. Before I knew I was pregnant, I couldn't figure out why I kept tripping over things at work but now it's downright treacherous. I almost hacked a couple of fingers off while trying to chop a carrot so I have two nice Band-Aids on my left hand. Sidenote: why doesn't Australia have baby carrots? I also cut the same hand while moving at work and just this morning I gouged a chunk of skin off my right thumb with my left thumbnail. I'm going to have to separate myself from all sharp objects.

I'm actually nauseated today, which is a first. I haven't been feeling hungry much so I just had olives & cheese for dinner last night. I can't imagine any spawn of mine not liking olives & cheese but I think the universe is trying to tell me that I can't raise a baby in my womb on a diet of hors d'oeuvres. I am not embarassed to admit I had to go to theasaurus.com and get the synonyms of "appetizer" before I could spell that word correctly. Wasn't even getting close enough for it to come up on dictionary.com. So sad. Again, I blame the Littlest Eisele.

All else is good. The Ellis's had their baby this morning (2 weeks early) so I'm dying to go see her tonight! Leisele has been my test case but she had the world's greatest pregnancy so I'm already hearing comments from Marcel along the lines of "Hmmm, Leisele never felt sick." I can't wait to meet the new one and hear what name they came up with for their gorgeous little girl. Yes, it is safe to assume she'll be gorgeous.

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