25 October 2008


Well, we had our first ultrasound this morning. Very exciting - I got a bit misty-eyed because we could actually see the baby looked like a baby instead of the squirrel I expected. Still didn't cry, which makes me think I'm turning into a robot. Anyway, it was kicking its little legs around and it was awesome.

It turns out that I'm only 9 weeks pregnant instead of 10 like I thought, which was a tiny disappointment because I really don't want one more week of pregnancy added but I have recovered. My new due date is 27th May. I updated it on babycenter.com.au and they gave me the major points for that date:

1919: The pop-up toaster was patented
1922: Christopher Lee, actor and Saruman the White in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, was born
1933: The Walt Disney Company released The Three Little Pigs, with its song 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?'
1970: Joseph Fiennes, and star of Shakespeare In Love, was born
1975: Jamie Oliver, TV chef, was born

Now, if you know much about me you will know that the next to last one there is HUGE for me because Joseph Fiennes has been on my top 5 list since Shakespeare in Love came out yonks ago. I shouldn't tell you this but every password I have ever had has revolved around Joseph Fiennes and I considered writing a strongly worded letter to the Academy when he wasn't nominated for an Oscar. I just woke Marcel up from a deep sleeping nap to scream "OUR BABY IS DUE ON JOSEPH FIENNES BIRTHDAY!!" and he totally understood how significant it is. I am stoked. I also love Saruman, toasters, The Three Little Pigs & Jamie Oliver so really all disappointment in adding another week to pregnancy is fading away.

After all the poking around on my abdomen today I felt quite queasy so today turned into a lazy one. I always have to have one weekend day that I waste reading and sleeping since I have no time to spare during the week for naps or just quiet restful moments at work. I'm incredibly thankful that I have energy all day at work by the way - it has been intense recently so I'm lucky.

Anyway that's all the poop that's fit to scoop.

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