12 October 2008

Olives are good.

I'm 9 weeks now and feeling ill and not in a Beastie Boys kinda way. The baby is officially a fetus. Not sure what it was before but there you go. And it's the size of a green olive so it's moving up in the world of finger foods. I spent most of this afternoon in bed, willing the nausea and sleepiness away but it didn't work so now I'm going to get a frozen Coke (I am allowed some caffeine and a couple of these a week is not going to do damage), which always soothes my woes. Another solution that a lot of the crazy pregnant women on the forums out there in cyber land suggest is SOUR CANDIES! How fantastic is that? I think it's giving me permission to eat as many sour patch kids as possible to make me feel good. I'm taking the challenge and they do help a bit so something is right in this universe.

Later skater.

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