19 October 2008

manic monday

The boat went well, even managed to enjoy some picnic foods. It's always really nice to be with the Ellis family. First of all because they're just fantastic but also now that they have the beautiful little Tara (who is just 3 weeks!), it's so good to be around a baby and know that all the crap going on in my womb is going to be worth it eventually. The fact that I had to cover my nose with a scarf on the train this morning because the guy next to me reeked of alcohol that kept making me gag is just plain annoying. I don't want to be that rude! But it will all be worth it if we have a sweet little thing like Tara. If we end up with some Turd Ferguson, I won't be a happy chappy.

Turd Ferguson is now a prune by the way because I am up to a grand 10 weeks. We have our first ultrasound this weekend, which is exciting. It's just to officially date the pregnancy so I do have a terrible fear that I'm going to find out that I'm actually only 8 weeks or something like that. I don't want to add any more time to this journey, I'm afraid.

I almost ripped Marcel's arm off for his McDonald's crispy chicken sandwich last night after I loudly proclaimed how there was no way I could get one because it would make me deathly ill. Once he took one bite, I realised I had to have that sandwich - poor boy got less than half of his own meal due to my maniacal food issues. I will be having a whole crispy chicken sandwich tonight because my stolen goods were not enough to hit the spot last night. So sad. He's going to have to start taking his meals separately because I either steal them or they make me nauseous and he doesn't appreciate the grossed-out faces I can't keep to myself. I'm a terrible wife.

Besides the gagging, I'm feeling okay for now. We had weird sleep patterns over the weekend so I have to get that back in order so I don't keep waking up throughout the night. I would like to lie down on the couch 3 feet from my desk and sleep for a good hour but I'm going to resist and do some more work so I can sleep soundly tonight. Huzzah for being a grown-up.

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