27 January 2009

nothing new

I just realized today that I hadn't taken the time to look up my new due date. Still not 100% sure if it's my set due date or not but I'm running with it because it's 4 days earlier and earlier is better. So here are some of the notables for the 23rd of May:

1813: Richard Wagner, German composer, was born
1859: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, English writer of the Sherlock Holmes stories, was born
1907: Sir Laurence Olivier, legendary British actor of stage and screen, was born
1946: George Best, Irish footballer, was born
1969: Apollo 10 photographed a bird's eye view of the moon
1970: Naomi Campbell, British supermodel, was born
1978: Katie Price (aka 'Jordan'), British model, was born

All very exciting - I've always been a Naomi Campbell fan but Katie Price makes me want to stab my eyes out so I'll just ignore that one.

Had a bit more of the sciatica acting up but it never lasts more than a day or two, then pops back up somewhere else. But now I have some acid reflux, which makes me miss the golden old days of plain old heartburn where at least everything stayed in its place and didn't cause me to vomit or burp up unsavoury things. I'm hoping this is just another symptom that will stick around a few days then go away like everything else.

No new news to report, just thought I'd check in. I need to update my picture since my belly has continued to expand. I'm doing a bit of cooking this week - for some odd reason when I don't feel well I always want to cook a lot. Very strange. Will keep you posted if manage anything yummy.

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