08 January 2009

One day more

Nothing new & nothing relatively exciting to report. Very happy that we'll find out the sex tomorrow as it seems to be about the only major milestone in this neverending pregnancy. Actually, I just got paranoid so I called to confirm my appointment. I'd feel like a dumb turd if I showed up all excited only to be turned away.

Anyway, that's all the poop that's fit to scoop from my end. Baby has become very active in the mornings, which I hope stays the case so it doesn't keep me awake during the night at the end of the pregnancy. I've heard horror stories. Still can't feel the squirrel kicking from the outside but the inside twirling sensation still freaks me out a tiny bit.

Have a happy Friday and I'll be sure to post the big announcement tomorrow when we get home from buying a lot of pink or blue onesies.

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