29 January 2009

the weekly update

I always assumed the pregnant waddle came from ladies' big bellies but I think I was wrong. My particular waddle comes from the shooting seering pain in my hip or my tailbone or right in the middle of an ass cheek. Sciatic nerve, why do you hate me? What did I ever do to you besides that fateful canoe trip back in college where I balanced precariously on a stack of life jackets because there was no extra seat for me and let's face it, you made me suffer for a year after that so we should be even. Jerk.

24 weeks seems like a lifetime. And I have definitely been eating the sweets recently - hello Fruit Loops - and now I can officially blame the boy child. Can I also blame the fact that I have NO CLUE what is going on with Lost on the baby? Because I really have no idea what's going on - yeah, I get the time travel but why is Desmond dressed so dapper (no, Marcel won't let me name our child Desmond despite my best efforts) And where is that crafty Sun, she's got a doozy of a story coming, I can feel it. Anyhoo ...

Your baby's growing steadily, gaining about 99g since last week. His skin is thin and fragile but his body is filling out and taking up more room in your uterus. He may also be developing a weakness for sweets. Taste buds are now forming, and, believe it or not, acquiring a sweet tooth is all part of it. The other big milestone your baby reaches at this stage of pregnancy is that she may now survive, with special care, if she is born prematurely -- otherwise known as becoming 'viable'. Her brain is growing rapidly, and she is starting to fill the space in your uterus. From crown to heel she could measure 30 centimetres.

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