09 January 2009

the outcome

It's a boy!! We're very happy and have a few scan photos that we'll have to get online as soon as possible so you can see our soon to be son. He looks very cute so far - little button nose, pouty lips & HUGE FEET. The woman who did the ultrasound thinks we're going to have a tall son and referred to him as Sasquatch so that scares my poor lady parts that will have to push that thing out.

We've already gone out & bought a bunch of blue & green clothing. All just pajamy/onesie crap at this point so I'll have to branch out to other colours soon. Also had my first taste of swollen feet last night. When I got home from work, I took my shoes off and almost cried. I've never had particularly dainty ankles so I always joke about my cankles but lord almighty, I'll never complain about my normal ones again. It was terrible. I kept my feet elevated all night and they're fine today. I blame the little tight "invisible" socks I was wearing with my ballet flats - they were too tight and I just knew it was going to be a disaster. Like Forrest Gump, I must take care of my feet ... or were they just talking about socks? I don't know.

So there, big day on our side of the world. Now I can pull together a nice nursery for my boy. I do look forward to calling him "son" but not in a loving caring way, more of a Jay-Z way. This is going to be fun!!

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