16 December 2009

Sit down & read

I always regret when I write something overly positive and exciting because it usually backfires somehow or things suddenly go terribly wrong. Weird. So I'm putting this out there while throwing salt over my shoulder and knocking on wood and all that other crap: My son makes me happier & happier every day. I know I've complained about his teething and how hard it's been having him by myself this week but he is still the most delightful thing on earth. He must have snuck up & read that over my shoulder and quickly ducked back to the floor because he's just now started crying. Silly boy & his stupid teeth. LEAVE HIM ALONE, TEETH!

He's been happily watching a bit of TV today, which makes me happy. And don't you give me the evil eye - let's face it, we are a TV family (we both have made careers out of it for goodness sake) so it was bound to happen. And he watched a whole episode of Yo Gabba Gabba with guest star Jack Black and that makes my soul bounce up & down because I love dancing, music & all around goofiness and have secretly prayed that Ben will follow my influence on that one. And if you give me a speech about the evils of TV, I will nod as if I'm listening to you but I will probably actually be making fun of your dated hairdo or those ill-fitting pants. Do you really want to be the victim of such cattiness?

And you know what's funny? One of these shows where they have a goofy guy and an animal hosting the cartoon segments - in this case, they're called Giggle & Hoot - and they were just talking up the cartoon they're about to show. And the owl (Hoot if you couldn't guess that one)(though I don't understand why they'd name the guy Giggle, creepy) just said "It's going to be good so you better sit down & watch." It was in a very authoritative voice, which I actually appreciate. Something tells me that one day I will tell Ben to sit down & watch something & he'll ignore me. BUT if an adorable stuffed owl tells him to do it, maybe he will. Maybe.

Here's the boy watching a bit of the boob tube:

Finished Christmas shopping today (unless something else exciting catches my eye or any of the things I ordered online decide not to show up!). I used to love shopping but now suddenly I hate it. And do you know what's worse than navigating around all the mothers and their prams/strollers in the mall? I'll tell you what - it's actually being one of those mothers with the pram! I have stopped making eye contact people so I feel less guilty when I am forced to plow over you because you're dawdling in the middle of the aisle or hallway. It is hard to get around the mall with a little one and mine's a very well-behaved one. But heaven forbid he cries for half a second, people immediately whip around to stare at the devil child and his terrible mother who must be poking him with a sharp stick or something just to ruin their shopping trip. Trust me people, your shopping trip would suck even without Ben's crying. And he's probably only crying because of your dated hairdo or ill-fitting pants. Oops, I said it.

AND just to make my shopping trip all the more exciting, I started the adventure by smacking my head on my trunk/boot door as I was opening to get the pram/stroller out. Now I've got a lump and a bruise on my forehead (luckily hidden under my bangs/fringe)(wow, so many US/Aussie terms today). So as my headache got worse & worse throughout the mall, I had basically convinced myself I had a concussion. At least that would explain how I managed to ram the pram into a decorative column in Myer, which earned me dirty looks from a cosmetic lady who was wearing way too much of her product. I looked down & thought to myself "Oh, at least it was already damaged." Then as I rolled away I realised it probably wasn't damaged BEFORE I rammed into it. I strolled much more quickly before Tammy Faye reported me!

Okay, I'm off to feed my son and get his booty to sleep. Hmmmm, I might wipe the ketchup off of my boob first. I ate fries like an hour ago - have I been sitting here with ketchup on my boob that long? The concussion must be stronger than I thought.

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  1. I know you're a great wife and mother, but you should have been a writer too......your blog is awesome!!!