15 December 2009


Goodness gracious, what a difference a few days make. The wonderful boy is deep in the heart of teething. I realise teething has a bad reputation but I still never put much thought into so I was a little shocked by the torture that has taken over our lives! My poor beautiful Benny is not enjoying the pain - he's not much of  a crier in normal life so when he wakes up sobbing and wailing it really kills me. I've never done so much rocking, comforting & soothing in my whole life. I also have the joy of filling him with pain medicines, which usually comes right back up after it hits his sensitive gag reflex, trying to Bonjela onto his little gums & melting teething tablets on his tongue. His first tooth has come through and there's a second one just below the surface. I look forward to the days where we can all sleep peacefully again!

My lovely husband is hiking in New Zealand at the moment so it's just me & boy wonder at the moment. I realise this is short term so someone should honestly smack me for even saying this but how on earth do you single parents do this??? It's so hard to not have anyone else to depend on or to hand the booger off to when I'm overwhelmed. Oh well, 5 days ain't gonna kill me.

Hey I went on a nice healthy shopping trip. We have a new fruit & veggie shop so I decided to go a little nuts so I had a great dinner of breaded eggplant with a side of tomato, boccoccini & red onion salad with a touch of red wine vinegar. If my gorgeous mother in law is reading this she will realise that I totally ripped off one of the meals she fed us when she was over here! I love, love, love it. I also bought some beets. BEETS, people. A friend of ours made us some roasted beets last year sometime and I've been dreaming of them ever since so finally broke down and bought some - I'll let you know how I go with them! I'm on a veggie high my friend and I hope it lasts! Now I just need to get my ass back out walking.

Ben is hyper now. He took an unusually looong late nap, just waking up at 6.30pm so something tells me we'll be partying late into the night tonight. Yahoo for me. It took almost 3 HOURS to get him to stay asleep last night. He kept going to sleep then waking himself back up, driving me up the wall! He woke up twice with his blessed teeth but it's better than the night before when he fell asleep right away at 7pm then woke up almost every hour or two. I have no high expectations for tonight.

Wish I had other exciting things to report but I don't. My poor brain ain't functioning properly during this crazy week. Doing well with Christmas shopping, just need to pick up two more things I think. Now if only all the things I ordered online would arrive!! Yikes.

Well this was another blog worth reading, huh? Ha! Now I'm off to play with the boy who is crawling around in his scuttlebutt way. He can also now reach the second shelf of our bookshelf so I need to go move a few knick knacks. Oh too late, he just dropped something on his face. No good. Anyway, if you happen to be a ranger in New Zealand's Arthurs Pass tell my husband hi for me and tell him to enjoy himself because he is never allowed to leave me alone with the child again!

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  1. Such fun reading! We always say to each other after we read this- "She's gotta write a book!" And when you do- PLEASE leave in the bit about the "gorgeous mother in law!" Mmmm. Think I'll make some tomato and mozarella cheese salad today!