17 December 2009

worst mother ever

What? Now who is that baby sleeping in his crib. Surely not Benjamin Hewson Eisele. Can't be. Why would he be napping there instead of the lovely queen size bed he usually enjoys? Could it be because he has the world's worst mother who is now not only not in the running to be Mother of the Year but it lucky the authorities aren't taking away him away from her?

He fell out of the bed today ... again. The first time was 2 weeks ago and he took a pillow down with him and landed softly because I found him happy as a lark on his pillow on the ground. Today was not so joyous. He was sound asleep so I decided I needed a bath, which would be a bonus because the shower tends to wake him up. And don't I deserve a bath once in a while? The parenting books/websites all say to take a break when you need one and he is usually quite safe in the bed with his little gate and pillow fortress. But I knew better, I really did and when I heard that thump and jumped out of the bath I only had myself to blame. And blame I do. He cried so hard it broke my heart, then I cried so hard that he just stared at me with the serious little face that I remember from his earliest days. The face that was just regarding me, trying to decide what to do with me. I hope he decides to keep me around this time.

He is fine. I poked and prodded and nothing is broken or sensitive. He spit up when he choked on his tears (it kills me to even type that) but otherwise all okay. He settled down fairly quickly and the red spot on his forehead (almost exactly where I have a bruise growing from my car incident yesterday!)  has already faded. I held him and rocked him and let him comfort feed until he was sleeping soundly again then put him in his crib where he will sleep from now on unless one of us is with him. I'll keep you posted on how this goes but I hear him whining now after about 45 minutes so I'm going to go spoil him rotten.

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