22 May 2010

Don't call it a comeback

My oh my, it's been a while. Ya know how people who lose their online ability or TV or whatever for a while & at the end they say "It was actually a blessing in the end - we became closer as a family & discovered our love for board games & storytelling by candlelight." They are morons. I missed you!! And all that non-internet time gave me too much time for cleaning & unpacking & other boring crap. We're desperately downloading TV shows to get caught up (thankfully Australia caught up with America's Lost schedule just in time so we're not behind there) & it will take me weeks to get caught up on all my blog reading & facebook status updates. You people have been busy little bees.

I suppose you're wondering about the house. It's lovely, wonderful & fabuloso. It's all still coming together & no one room is actually complete so we'll post some pictures as soon as we get something finished! Luckily, we did find our camera this week - right in the middle of a big box of clothes. Thank you, Benny, for that little adventure. Now we just have to hunt down the charging cord in the midst of all the other thousand cables we've got in various boxes here & there. Ugh.

Boy wonder is still wondrous. And he's now ONE!! How did that happen? His big birthday party was supposed to be last weekend but he got himself a fever so now it's tomorrow instead. I should be cleaning & grocery shopping but I'll get to that eventually. Marcel is working until late tonight, filming a concert at a church so he'll have to help me decorate the Lanai tonight or early tomorrow. So much to do, so little organized & somehow not stressed. It will bite me in the ass later, I assume!

Well, the little man is crying his head off. He's a grouch today - hungry, mad or just grumpy from his shots a few days ago. Who really knows? I know I already posted this picture to Facebook today but I love it so much! He's with Iggle Piggle from the show In the Night Garden, which he watches right before his bath & bedtime. Hilarious.

I'll update more later & let you know about his sleeping (hint: not good) & post pictures of the party & all that fun stuff. Glad to have you back in my life!

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