28 April 2010

What a day

My hours at the Family Care Cottage went really well. One of the nurses & I talked for a little bit while Ben played then once he was good & tired we put him down for a nap. This place is part of Keratane so they believe in the whole letting them soothe themselves to sleep, but checking on them every few minutes so it was rough but having a nurse with me really helped and she was encouraging and made me feel confident. Their belief is to only go for 30-45 minutes at a time (again, going in every 3 or 4 minutes to give them some positive words & settle them a bit). Ben never got fully asleep on his own so I fed him after 30 minutes and he took a good 1 1/2 hour nap while I talked to the nurses and other mothers who were there with their little tiny babies. I think I can handle the sleep training now but I'm not starting until next week when we're in the new house & able to stick to more of a routine. And we're only starting with naps, then we'll add the night sleep later.

I have to say I'm very very glad I waited until now to do his sleep training. The two other mothers were there with their babies who were only several weeks old & I don't think I could have done it then. Mind you, one of them had terrible reflux so just cried constantly. It's just not fair - those moms were absolutely worn out & run down & waking up every hour or so all night. I hope to God that those ladies have a strong support system at home because I honestly would have melted down if my newborn experience was like that. I've been feeling terrible since then, thinking I should have given them my number just in case they needed a new person to bitch to. You know how sometimes you get tired of complaining to the same people who always hear your troubles? All I know is that I'm very thankful that places that the Family Care Cottage exist for women like us who need that extra helping hand & I hope they found some comfort or relief there. Every baby & child is so absolutely different & we can't expect to have the same experience so I think moms really need to look out for each other. I should probably also look out for my son as I just heard him crawling at breakneck speed down the hall!

All else going well. I think the official plan is to move on Friday afternoon, one big truck trip to get the furniture, etc. over to the new house! I'm packing this week & trying to get some cleaning done but you know how that goes. I get distracted & I can't even blame Ben for most of it - I would just prefer to be decorating or thinking about decorating or buying decorations. Hey! I had a good crafty moment in the world of decorating. Follow me here ... I bought a t-shirt at one of my favorite little kids' stores. They never had Ben's size when I went to look for it & I couldn't think of anyone else who has a kid in the sizes they have left but I had to have it so I just bought the darn thing for $5 or whatever it was. So super cute - just Charlie Chaplin's hat & moustache on a blue background. Hard to explain. Anyway, I thought I could frame it but expected it to go horribly wrong. Wellll, I happened to have a frame in the bottom of one of my closets that was kind of coming apart but I thought I'd try & it fit perfectly. And it's a deep frame so I could just fold the shirt up inside it without having to cut it. Bonus points all around - it's awesome. Now this is where a smart blogger would include a picture of said awesome shirt frame decoration thingy but I left it over at the new house (I had to see how it would look against Ben's lovely blue walls)(I will also include a picture of the blue walls). Also, we still have not located our stupid camera.

I am starving! I'm trying a new concept of actually waiting until mealtimes to eat. Weird, I know. I would give my right arm for pizza & a mediterranean salad right about now so I'm hoping Marcel will be up for picking that up on his way home. I have to eat while watching Masterchef or I'll start gnawing on furniture or anything I can reach. Too bad it's not on until 7.30pm so now I just wait until Marcel is home & we eat while watching the show. Long story short, I'm hungry. Obviously a little delirious as well because looking back at this blog, it barely makes sense! Sorry, I need to pull my act together.

Jimmy Giggle is currently playing guitar & singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Hoot on Giggle & Hoot at the moment. Ben fliiiiips out when he does this for some reason. Just gets giddy & dances. The first time he saw it, I swear to you the boy CRIED. Like with happiness or awesomeness or something. It's like if Bono had a kid's show that I could watch, I'd act the same. Geez, as much as I love Bono (*hint: I like him a whole lot) how terrible would a kid's show be with him? A little too intense & earnest. And no adorable owl sidekick so Ben wouldn't be interested.

Happy Wednesday, hope your hump day is fabulous!

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