04 July 2010

1. Stop blogging 2. Clean up raisins 3. ...

I have a major issue. Why didn't anyone tell me that Spanx had a MATERNITY LINE!?!? If you are pregnant or ever plan to be, please see the following:
I am adding a bookmark just in case 5 years from now I decide to go down that crazy road again.

Now that that's off my chest, on to more important things. Our anniversary in Sydney was gorgeous! We had such a nice relaxing time - Ben was well-behaved enough that I can block out the bad parts. He didn't sleep well in the hotel's cot so I dragged his butt in to bed with us when he wouldn't go back to sleep. All's well that ends well, eh? We meandered around Darling Harbour a lot, people watching & taking it nice & slooow because Ben was walking a lot. We ate at Pancakes at the Rocks, which has a Darling Harbour location that we always forget about. And I forced a new tradition on us - buying lunch for a random couple in the restaurant. That happened to me once when I was really young, asked for the check & was told someone had taken care of it already & it made my day so I thought now that we're the old folks it would be awesome to pass that on. There was a young couple at the table next to us & they were adorable & they probably got a few raisins lodged in their direction from Ben so we picked up their tab. Totally confused the poor cashier but it still felt nice.

Speaking of raisins, I have a feeling the rug is about to be full of them because Ben is ripping a box apart as we speak. Why do I let him hold the box? I like when he shakes things - makes me think he'll play the maracas or the tambourine like Davey Jones. My own little mop top.

While we're waiting for him to bust out the Monkees tunes, we'll make due with his growing collection of animal noises. (yep, there go the raisins - he's shovelling them in his mouth by the fistful but I'll still be cleaning them up from underneath furniture for days) If you point to a picture of a snake or say "What does a snake say?" he'll say "ssssssss" & my little heart grows two sizes. He also grrrrrrs for a lion & mmmmmm's for cows very timidly. And have I already told you he's an avid high-fiver? That would be slightly more impressive if this were 1987 but we aren't cool people so you can't expect much. His first words will probably be "Gimme some skin!" or "I know you are but what am I?" I remember my darling little cousin Sara (who turned 21 today & left for Montreal for 6 weeks of French excitement) could say "Can't touch this" at a very young age, which was AWESOME at the time. We have to teach Ben something really current that won't age well so we can tease him mercilessly with it when he's older.

So I'm reading the book for my big book review & it's heavy stuff, people. Not the fast-paced crime thrillers I usually devour - it's an historical novel based on a scientist fellow but so far I'm still plodding through the backstory of his parents in Sweden or Switzerland or somewhere cold. It's okay so far but I'm hoping it picks up a little or I'm going to have a tough time of this one! Also just getting going on my research stuff for the media centre & need to go back with a million questions about what exactly they want but I'm excited to get my toes back into some actual work. Now if only a certain little person would let me get this work done. He refused his nap this morning so I'm kinda screwed unless he'll let me put him down for an afternoon one. I think he somehow knows when I want to actually be productive & he just puts his tiny foot down & makes sure that I can only concentrate on him, like now as he's ripping our community newsletter to pieces! I love the monthly newsletter - how else am I going to know who's speaking at the neighborhood watch meeting (I'm going to the next one) or what special The Bleach Hut has on cuts & colour??? He has the makings of an evil genius if the whole maracas/tambourine career falls through.

Okay, now that I'm putting in writing how much stuff I actually need to get done I feel a little panicky so I should go make a to-do list & get my A into G. Oh! Before I go, I have to put a plug in for the movie An Education. Let's ignore the fact that it's at least a year old - we finally got it on DVD & I looooooved it!!! Yes, I tend to love every movie I actually manage to watch but I like to think it's because I can only bother to stay awake for the best of the best, not because I'm desperate & would think anything is award-worthy. Anyway, it's a fantastic movie. Well acted all around, great story & you'll know how it has to end but you'll still find yourself swept away in the romance & the excitement & the style!

Sounds like Ben is playing in his room so now I'm really off to make sure he's not building a bomb or something then maybe I can actually do a bit of work or cleaning or organizing or laundry or putting some makeup on this poor haggard face! Hope you had a beautiful Independence Day if you're in the good old USofA!


  1. I love your new tradition Ash! So lovely of you two, good on you, makes my heart warm.

  2. It's me (Nic) by the way, have started up another blog and for some reason google defaulted to that one instead of P&P - in case you were wondering. xx