01 July 2010

Thursday, I don't care about you

Motherhood victories are short-lived, aren't they? Ben just figured out how to open the tiny little box of raisins he's been toting around all day. I cheered for him then realized the true implications as he shook them for all he's worth & a raisin volcano erupted. The joy on his face as he picks them up & eats them off the floor is probably worth it in the end. What's that? You're a judge for Mother of the Year? And you think I've just skipped to the front of the line for letting my son pick up his own darn spilled snack & eat it off the floor? I thank you.

So yes, I had my little meltdown the other day. Wasn't feeling so hot & still am a bit of a mess but on the upward slope! Marcel even stayed home from work yesterday to help me out because I was feeling rough. I think he was afraid of coming home to find a Lord of the Flies situation if he dared venture out of the house without us. Ahhh well, the joys of parenthood.

Hey - funny thing happened. You know how you are always telling me that you like my writing & I should write something? (if you haven't told me this, stop laughing) I'm going to! I follow our local Central Coast newspaper on Facebook & they advertised needing a volunteer to read a book & write a book review. Hmmm ... who likes a free book? Who likes giving her opinion? Who likes word counts & deadlines? ME! In my mind, thousands of people must have answered their request but they singled me out as the wittiest, wisest & most level-headed response. In all actuality, I'm probably the only one who jumped at a chance to do a glorified school assignment in exchange for a free book. And you'll be the first to know if after reading my glorious book review, they decide that they simply must hire this beautiful mind for my own column like a Kariong Carrie Bradshaw! Or I'll need your shoulder to cry on when I go waaay over the top in my review (so many similes! so many adjectives! so many exclamation points!) & they can't publish it.

I am also going to do some research for the media centre where Marcel works. I figure if I can read several chapters of Jane Austen in the wee hours of the morning while rocking a stubborn toddler, I can research whatever they're doing a show about. May as well earn some money from my sleep deprivation.

So, Pride & Prejudice. Liked it quite a bit but it took me about 25 chapters to get into it. Obviously knew where it was going because every romantic story on earth follows its pattern. I can see why it's a classic because even though I usually have no interest in the old frilly dress times (that's the official term, yeah?) or those historical romance stories, good ole Elizabeth Bennett felt perfectly modern. Every now & then I found myself thinking, "Why do they have to write like this???" then I remembered that's how they actually spoke at the time, Ms. Austen wasn't just putting it on.

Anyhoo, the particular issue I have with the story is why on earth everyone got their panties in a twist over Colin Firth playing Mr. Darcy in the film version? Do not get me wrong, I adore Colin Firth - his storyline in Love Actually might have been my favorite in that film. I will spare you my gut-wrenching analysis of Love Actually but let's just say it was nothing like the fluffy film I expected & I love it! Back to Pride & Prejudice, I picture Wentworth Miller as Mr. Darcy or even Daniel Craig - someone dark & devilishly handsome. I actually probably picture Wentworth Miller or Daniel Craig in any romantic character I read but that's another story.

Okay, Ben & I actually managed to do a full hour's walk today & I'm tired. Still have to fold 2 loads of laundry, dry a 3rd & clean the raisin explosion off the floor before child services comes for me. Oh, I also have to pack for a night away! Tomorrow is Marcel & my 5th wedding anniversary & we're spending the night away at Star City, the casino in Sydney. Nothing like a romantic gambling night away ... with a 1 year old. Hopefully will be fun, even without the romance & with us having to take turns with the slot machines.

And in closing, I ask you to go check out the brand new video/single from Cure for Caska, featuring Matthew Hayes as the frontman. He was one of my best friends in high school & I have become friends with his gorgeous wife on Facebook with their beautiful daughter, Penny. Here you go, enjoy!!

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