08 July 2010

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Just to add insult to injury, Ben has decided that the sleepless nights are not enough for us & has given up on his naps this week as well. This mama is drawing near to another meltdown! I am desperately trying to accomplish things today but so far all I've managed is to wash the sheets, clean half the bathroom & make Ben a little afraid of me because I keep snapping at him & shutting him out of rooms. At the moment I am on the couch, he is literally hanging on to my foot saying "gahhhhh" over & over. I know he's so tired but it's 4pm so a nap is way out of the question now because if he goes down now we'll never get him to sleep tonight. And I can't give up any of the few hours of sleep we manage to get at night. Silly boy is lucky he's so darn cute (you should see when he tries to copy me jumping & bouncing - hilarious) or he'd be out on the curb! Ha.

So basically the house is filthy, we have no groceries, Ben is super clingy, it will NOT stop bloody raining so there's no playing outside & running errands is miserable because of the rain & the clingy tired child. It's sad when the best part of the week is a dirty dream I had.

I think I am going to have to give up my researching job already! I've managed to do about an hour's worth of work in 4 days & that's not going to help them very much. I was counting on working during Ben's naps & after he goes to bed but all that is shot to Hades. And I really don't want to just set him up in front of the TV to distract him too much & he isn't playing by himself like he usually does from time to time. And I know what you're thinking, how do I have time to write these whiny blogs & not time to do useful things? I'll tell you how - these bloody pieces of crap take about an hour to write because I'm stopping every 30 seconds to pick something up, tell Benny to put something down, take something out of the washer & try to find the stupid remote control to turn down this squealing kid's show.

Okay, enough complaining. Off to clean the kitchen, finish the bathroom, dust the den & seriously have to find the remote control before we go deaf or delirious from Roary the Racing Car. Happy Thursday.

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