31 July 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Sunday morning, watching cartoons. Yay for me. I'll skip the paragraphs of dissecting Ben's sleeping and eating habits ... or lack thereof. No improvement but I'm feeling a bit happier these days so no need to keep the emergency red phone by the couch. We should be attempting sleep training this weekend but neither of us have it in us so you know what, it can wait another damn week or two. Sanity has to count for something and it's easier to just wake up 4 or 5 times a night for a few minutes than to listen to hours of crying.

If you didn't notice my obnoxious status update on Facebook, I've finished all my requirements to become an Australian citizen - even made 100% on the exam. 20 questions, had to get 15 right & when I hit "submit," I was only certain about 11 of them. But luckily I love taking tests (I also loooove writing papers but that's for another day) and I have a common sense/bullshit ability like no other so I aced it. And aren't I humble?

The only thing left in Mission: Become an Australian is a ceremony, where I take the oath and become a real Aussie dual citizen. Should be 3-6 months but could be less. I guess I just sit & wait patiently and with my measly single citizenship. *sigh* Being an Australian citizen is actually something I've wanted since I was a kid. Unfortunately, Michael Hutchence died before I could marry him & do this the easy way (and the inevitable jealous fist fights between him & Bono would have been embarrassing anyway, I suppose) so instead I got my Marcel and went through the normal process. Surviving members of INXS beware - I am still on constant lookout for you and though I am no longer 13 years old, I will still tackle you out of nostalgia so consider yourselves warned.

So not much else new in our lives - still enjoying our little lovely house and one day we'll finish painting & decorating & all that fun stuff. Yesterday was gorgeously sunny so we spent a bit of time outside on the daybed and in the yard with Benjamin. Hmmm, I never call him Benjamin, wonder where that came from. Anyhoo, then last night was a gorgeous friend's 30th birthday so we went out for some yummy Thai food (is there anything better than Thai food?)(No!). Hoping today is another good one. The sun is out so far but it's only 9.30am so it still has time to hide away and let the rain & gloom take over again.

Okay, I'm off to print some coupons for Borders - books are so stinking expensive over here so I jump on Borders coupons like they're gold bars. Have a lovely day and welcome to August!

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