14 September 2010

Jack be nimble

So, I'm sick again. Why, why, why? I just hope my body is purging it all out of my system at once so I'm nice & healthy during our entire holiday overseas. DO YOU HEAR ME, BODY?? My throat is absolutely on fire today. Ben seems to be feeling okay, which is good - was a bit warm when he woke up from his nap but he took an extra long one so he may have just been literally warm from being cuddled up so long during the day.

And it's pouring down rain today so it's so hard to find motivation to get up & take on the world. I'd just be happy to get up & get groceries but that will wait until tomorrow. Must find something creative to throw together for dinner tonight.

Well, we've got some news. Nothing major but I'm very excited. We're getting a foster dog this Friday!! We've been talking about getting a dog since we bought the house but keep going back & forth about whether we're ready for one with Mr. Magoo (Ben). Saw a notice that Greyhounds as Pets needed foster families for retired greyhounds so we applied. Very long process later (not painful, just caught them at the wrong time) & we'll soon have a young man named Jack.


Normally fostering is for 6 weeks but because it dragged out so long & I won't be around for a while next month, they're letting us do it for the 3-4 weeks we have left. Seems just perfect that we can get a feel for having a dog around but hopefully not get tooooo attached ... yeah right. Fostering is a great deal, by the way - they provide the food, bed, leashes, collar, dishes, every supply you could need, a manual, any vet costs that could possibly come up (hopefully nothing) & they are spayed/neutered. 

Jack is a big boy but with a great calm temperament, not jumpy & well-suited for kids. Turns out retired greyhounds are fantastic for families as I've been doing my research for months now. He was also apparently quite a good racer - rumour has it they were given a DVD of his last race but I'm guessing that will only go to whoever adopts him. 

Anyway, I'll post lots of pictures & videos when we get him - nothing better than a kid with a dog!

Okee dokee, I'm off to do a bit of cleaning & seriously try to find something to eat for tonight. And taking some more Panadol so I can feel better tonight & get my booty to the gym. Hope you're having a fantastic week in your corner of the world!


  1. You guys are the best. I love that you're fostering Jack, so cool and kind. PS I hate grocery shopping and have just started doing it online with Coles, it's awesome. Thought it might come in handy when you're sick :(

  2. Jack is adorable! I'm so glad you guys are going to get to enjoy him before your trip and hopefully when you get back you will get to foster another cute dog!