07 September 2010

Know what I mean, Vern?

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope everyone in our corner of the world is happy that the bizarro election madness has come to an end finally! Yikes. I was a little worried that Ben was going to have his 3rd prime minister in his wee 15 months of life. Anyway, don't have anything important to report in our lives over here. Just doing the day to day as usual so let's see what updates I can pull together for you. Hmmm ...

I'll start with the boy since this is supposed to be my mothering blog. He is glorious as usual - another stinking tooth coming in so grouchiness all around, moping & staying up late, trying to breastfeed around the clock. Either he has the most evil teeth on earth or our son is little bit on the dramatic side.

He is still addicted to Toy Story - we seriously put it on everyday even though we usually don't make it through the whole thing. I think he prefers the first one but has started to pay more attention to the second. I am looking forward to #3 coming out on DVD just so we have a bit more variety. I would like to give a sincere thank you to Woody & Buzz Lightyear for allowing me a peaceful shower everyday. And one bonus of watching the first one is too hear the late great Tennessean, Jim Varney.

Ben also had a small upper respiratory infection last week but it's pretty much cleared up now. We've been really lucky with his health - his infection was just a cough, not too bad & went away quickly. Maybe the regular teething dramas balance us out.

Just to add more doctor's office waiting room joy, I had some blood & urine tests run after chatting with Ben's doctor while there for his infection. Turns out I have a bunch of blood in my urine. That doesn't sound good. Getting results back for everything tomorrow to see if it's just an infection (luckily, I'm not feeling any bladder infection symptoms) or if it's just something else ... liiiiike ... uhhhh, someone stabbed my bladder? I don't know. My trust online research says that it can come from running so I'm blaming my extreme physical fitness. Ha!

Speaking of my gymming, which I know I promised not to go on & on about but I digress, it's going well. Uh, well, it's going well in the sense that I'm still going very regularly & kicking my own ass while I'm there. Not going well in the sense that I have had NO RESULTS WHATSOEVER. I suppose it may take more than a few weeks to drop my gut, butt & other flabby bits but I would still love to have a tiny bit extra room in my jeans just to keep my spirits up. Oddly enough, my face seems to have more definition, looking a little less like this guy than usual:

And my feet seems to be a bit leaner. *sigh* Typing that out makes it sound really stupid but I swear my feet are looking stronger. I have to stop talking about it, I know it's weird. Now my fear is if my head & feet are getting the first effects, is it all going to start going inward so the parts that need it most will get the effects last. I'll be all goose-necked & skinny-calved with a big round middle. Lovely. Anyway, I really truly am working very hard at the gym for like an hour 4-5 days a week so I guess I'm going to have to eat healthier, less, blah blah blah I'm done boring you with this.

Oh! Another Ben note - he has started holding my boob. What I mean is when he's nursing on one side, he insists on sliding his other hand into my bra & holding on for dear life! W-H-Y? I fight him every single time but he usually wins. At night it tends to be the difference between wiggling & going to sleep peacefully so what's a mom to do? Ugh.

The Journey
Yep, still thinking about the trip that is now only a bit over a month away! I absolutely can't wait to see everyone & have a few little adventures. We did manage to get our hands on some good medicine to sedate the boy if needed. Tried it out a few days ago & it worked well & it seemed to work naturally so hopefully it won't be like I'm dragging a big ragdoll around with me. We'll do another test or two before we leave to make sure it wasn't a fluke. When we tried the all natural version of a sedative it made him hyper so I really don't want that to happen on the plane so better safe than sorry. And we're being very careful with the medicine & only giving half a dose, which put him out for 7 good hours. Of course 7 hours is only half the flight but I've also got little books & finger puppets wrapped up to entertain him & I'm buying Toy Story for my ipod & kiddy headphones so he can watch movies, etc. when he's awake. I'm stressing less so that's gotta work in our favor.

Random junk
Okay, I have to give a big high five to Channel 10 for their lovely new Sunday night line-up. I've always enjoyed Talking 'Bout Your Generation but it's leaving Sunday night, which is sad. BUT they're replacing it with Masterchef Junior, which is awesome (until it causes me to eat crazily, plumping up my newly dainty feet). 

But what I really want to talk about is Offspring. I am LOVING this show - so interesting, different, quirky without being obnoxiously so & the cast is seriously stellar. I will take a quick moment to say the best of the main cast are RGM clients (Kat, Don, Deb, Linda). I never appreciated Asher Keddie in the past because her shows didn't really interest me but she is fantastic in this show. And let's face it, I would watch Kat Stewart act out the phone book - that girl is a gem. And not to break my still-relevant confidentiality agreement but she is really awesome & friendly in real life. Also so happy to see Deb Mailman in her role on the show - don't you love her? I do. 

And of course no words can do enough justice to Don Hany. When it comes to hospital love drama shows, he makes those McDreamy, McSteamy, McSneezy & Doc look like children.

You're welcome.

Heck, I even like the British show that's on after Offspring. I think it's Married Single Other, which is a truly terrible name for a show & I didn't expect much but I gotta say I enjoy it. I do love TV, folks & I am seriously looking forward to getting the US sitcoms back in my life. Community, 30 Rock are you listening?? Come back soon.

You know when I start reviewing TV shows that it's time for me to shut my trap & find something else to do. I am stopping just short of telling you about the new grout brush I bought that has made my life so much brighter ... well, it's made my shower tiles much brighter. Oh, that was a terrible job of stopping short of telling you because I did tell you. But now I'm off like a prom dress!

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