12 September 2010

Rootin' Tootinest

It has been a lovely, glorious weekend - love when things are like this. Lots of friends, lots of fun & way too much food. Also managed to sneak in a trip to Sabbath school, a doctor's appointment (all of my blood work & urine were clear & good - yahoo!) & two trips to the gym. Did I mention all the food? Lonestar, pizza, a barbeque, then a gorgeous buffet breakfast this morning. Not sure why I bothered with the gym since I'm just sabotaging my own efforts. Ah well, back to the healthier eating tomorrow, right?

Hmmmm, well that's just about it. Not sure why I started this blog since I have nowhere to go with it. Oh! Marcel surprised with me with a gift certificate for a spa today (the breakfast this morning for a friend's birthday was at a hotel back in Terrigal with an amazing spa) for no reason. I'm cobbling together a plan that involves a massage next weekend then waxing & spray tanning before I go overseas. Or maybe a serious pedicure - my feet desperately need it. Lordy, nothing better than fun times at a spa!

Oh, did I mention the awesome new print I got for Ben's room? I'm tempted to put it in our room or even in the loungeroom because it's so gorgeous. It's from Sara Jane Studios, who does some gorgeous things & I got it from our fantastic friend Nicole's shop The Princess & The Pea - check it out!
Whenever I get the right frame for it & decide which room to put it in, I'll take another picture of it "in action." 

Benny boy is doing well, nothing new to report these days. Seems to be eating better every day - except for today where he refused everything except hash browns but what can you do? No better with sleep, unfortunately, but my mom & I are going to work on that in America so I won't be suffering alone. Should be interesting if nothing else.

Okay, I need to run & see if I can get some more food into Ben so he's not running on fried potato fumes all afternoon. Also need to see if I can trick him into a late nap since he only did a quick snooze in the car on the way home. Good times, good times.

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  1. Ash, meant to ask you yesterday if the print arrived! Thanks so much for your lovely words about it! I love it too, and think I might frame one for the study which is in dire need of a face lift! Nicxx