25 July 2011

That's MISTER Evil Doctor Porkchop to you.

We shall see if this post makes it up anytime today. We have reached the end of our high speed internet allowance so have been enjoying the quaint old-timeyness of super slow internet where pictures never load & I've had to switch my gmail to html or it wouldn't work at all. If I ever run into this Internet person on the street, I'm going to strangle him - how can you limit something that's just "out there"???? As Gob would say, come on!

The gentlemen (I use that word loosely around here) of the house are getting back to their healthy selves. Ben's appetite has come back with a vengeance after almost a week of non-existence where I feared he would backslide into his absolute lack of interest in food but he is gobbling up his meals (again, that's a loose term compared to his old habits not compared to other bottomless pit toddlers) & even trying new things. Makes me a happy mama when I can get a few bites of veggies in him, though it seems the items he still avoids like the plague are anything with any kind of Iron in them so if you know any tricks please share them. I'm currently in the stage of hiding veggies in things & I am earnestly praying that bananas become affordable someday soon so we can get back to daily smoothies packed with spinach but at $16/kilo they are but a dream.

I'm in such a cranky mood today & for no real reason. I hate starting a day in a funk & it pretty much guarantees annoying little happenings that will be blown into over the top disasters. Example: Ben snuck into the bathroom, unwound all the toilet paper & dumped almost all the contents of the toilet cleaner stuff all over the toilet & floor, which was lovely. I've cleaned up what I can but now have to mop the stupid bathroom, which means I have to sweep it too, which means I may as well clean the freaking shower & bath & sink too. Ugh, unexpected bathroom cleaning is the worst - I like to set a day of the week in my mind in advance to prepare myself for that particular hell. And add to that Ben pulled his favorite nap trick of taking off pants, unbuttoning his onesie, taking off his diaper & peeing in the bed yesterday. I replaced the sheets & mattress cover but apparently the other mattress cover wasn't liquid-proof (WHAT IS THE POINT OF A CRIB MATTRESS COVER THAT IS NOT PEE-PEE PROOF????) so the mattress still reeks today. Have sprinkled baking soda all over it, have the window open airing it out & am going to have to make a Febreze run sometime soon. Hoping the baking soda will work its magic like it did with the vomit on the couch last week but we'll see when I vacuum it up. Anyway, between yesterday's tinkle & now Ben's bathroom fiasco, I have had quite enough toilet-related chores.

On a less whiny note, I am happy to report that the pregnancy is still going smoothly at this point. My tailbone pain has flared up a few times, especially last night, but it's nothing compared to the constant pain I had last time around. It's worst when I've been running around all day so I guess it makes sense that last pregnancy was rougher because I had over 3 hours of commuting every day then office chairs & running around at work, whereas this time I can sit comfortably when I need to & stretch all I want, etc. Now if I could just get Ben back into a decent nap routine (stop laughing, we managed it for like 3 weeks out of 2 years so maybe we can make lightning strike twice) then I could take a nap myself. I would do illegal things to get a nap these days, I tell you.

I've got a 32-week scan coming up in 2 weeks & I'll start seeing my doctor & the midwives more often after that, which I guess is good because it means I'm getting closer to meeting our new little guy. I'm still in the high risk group after all my earlier drama & they still want to keep a close eye on Fonzie's weight because my abnormal blood result that started that whole mess can mean he'll be underweight. So I'm 30 weeks as of today & I'll have my c-section at 39 weeks so obviously 9 weeks to go. So much to accomplish in that time! I'm actually happy that we have so much to do, re-organizing, cleaning, little house repairs, etc. so that we'll stay busy & hopefully the 9 weeks will go more quickly than the final weeks of Ben's pregnancy. I suppose just having a toddler running our lives means that we can't just sit & obsess over the baby, the baby, the baby so that makes time go more quickly too. We don't schedule the exact surgery date until I'm 36 weeks so that's another little milestone to look forward to as well. And then Oma will be here before you know it & it will be time for little Fonzarelli's grand entrance. Hopefully he will be named by then.

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle growing for another couple of months - I'm way past the point of "cute" & leaning more towards "whoa mama" so I'm going to be lucky if I don't just topple over by the end. I keep giving my clothes little pep talks that they're doing a great job of stretching & keeping up with me but I just hope they're up to the rest of the challenge!

Speaking of stretchy clothes, I'm currently working on my hospital bag & have made some of the greatest purchases of my life - granny panties. Because I'm actually able to plan for the c-section this time & know what to expect I figured the high-waisted undies would be much kinder to my incision as lower waisted ones like maternity panties hit right on the spot, which isn't pleasant. So yes, I purchased granny panties. Did you know they make them in awesome prints these days??? People, I own LEOPARD PRINT granny panties!! There's also some gorgeous modern flowery ones & then just lovely solid shades. I am so tickled by these things (it doesn't take much for me these days) that I would honestly post a picture of them but I'm 100% sure that would cross one of Marcel's lines of unacceptability. *sigh* He also did not appreciate the dance his ridiculously pregnant wife did in a pair of these monstrous panties for his delight so he obviously has had a serious injury to his sense of humor.

So with that mental picture, I bid you adieu. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. I am off to buy some Febreze & possibly to swing by Pies in the Sky to get a couple of nice chicken & veggie pies for lunch. Ellie on Masterchef made a pie last night & I have had the hankering for one ever since. Hope you have some grand plans for yourself as well! xoxo

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