14 July 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

Had my 28 week checkup today & all is well. I think all is well at least. She mentioned that my last urine test had one of those random results that might need antibiotics. For some odd reason I was tuned out at the time even though there was absolutely nothing else going on at the time for me to be focusing on but I know she said something about "B" & even if today's urine test came back negative I'd still have to have IV antibiotics when I gave birth. Huh, what? That's when I tuned back in but I still just nodded & took the prescription just in case it comes back positive so they can treat the infection or whatever it was. You'd think that this pregnancy is the only actual important thing going on in my current life that I could pay attention to the midwife! I'll just google it all later before I have to explain it to anyone.

I also had the glucose test today, which is less than pleasant. The first sip is always fine & I think "No big deal, just like Sprite" then two sips later I'm gagging on the overly sweetness on it. Gack. There is little doubt in my mind that the test result will be bad - not because I actually have gestational diabetes but because I have yet to have a test that had good results the first go 'round. So I'm sure I'll have to do the next level of glucose test where I have to sit still for 2 hours instead of just one like today (Ben was not a fan of today, by the way). And I am willing to bet $50 that I have another UTI infection with this latest urine test because I've yet to have a urine test that didn't come back with a UTI that I didn't know I had. I'm not being negative is the sad part, it's just the way that this pregnancy is going.

So tomorrow is our second try at Ben's first day of daycare!!! I'm very excited & a lot less worried than last week - the last minute reprieve proved to me how much I was looking forward to a day to myself. I really truly think Ben is going to love it ... except for how much he misses his mother, of course. And there's a morning matinee of Bridesmaids at just the right time after I drop him off so I might go see it again to distract myself for those first hours of missing him. Then I have errands & cleaning to take up my time. What if he hates it? Oh goodness, need to focus on the positive!

14 July 2011
I obviously gave up writing yesterday so I thought I'd chime back in today & say that daycare was a resounding success. He had a blast playing with the kids & toys & even took a decent nap. Didn't eat much but that's not great surprise - I hope he enjoys going back next week too.

Oh! I finally figured out who I would like to see with Leonardo DiCaprio. I am assuming you remember my essay on his love life from weeks (months?) ago. Anyway, Charlize Theron! Rumor is she's dating Ryan Reynolds these days but I think her & Leo are more on the same level (no offense to Mr. Reynolds who is a little slice of heaven himself) with their acting. I will always adore Charlize for playing Rita on Arrested Development - hysterical - so we know she has a good sense of humor & they're both Oscar caliber A-listers. She fits his tall blonde criteria. How do I make this happen?

I did a bit of research on my urine test results & apparently my midwife was talking about Strep B & it really doesn't sound so nice. If I truly have it then it's likely that it's caused my constant UTIs & I could pass it on my lovely son in birth so even if this test comes back as negative, I'll still have to have IV antibiotics because it can come & go. Actually, I don't think I can pass it along form a c-section since he won't have any contact with my hoo-hah but I try to avoid any of the technical hoo-hah conversation in this forum. I am eagerly awaiting the results in any case. If it's passed on to a newborn it can cause some pretty serious things like meningitis, which I'd love to avoid obviously.

Okay, I'm off to try to convince my son to eat some decent food tonight since he only really ate his snacks today. Silly goose.


  1. Strep B wasn't too big of a deal. I had it with Abigail and just went in early for IV anti-bio's and that was that. She was fine. I also had Gestational Diabetes (didn't with Em) and went straight to insulin (since the oral meds have scary side-effects, and you usually have to end up on insulin anyway...) and kept close track of everything I ate. She was 6lb. 11oz. Jeremy kept making fun of me for being the most conscientious diabetic on the planet...but hey, I was born a rule keeper, and I didn't want them to induce me or have a c-section due to gigantic child, so hey it worked. :) It was annoying, and yes the 3 hour sugar test is a BEAR!!!ULGH, I nearly vomited, most of the mom's with me did. But hey, its all worth it in the end right? :) Hang in there!

  2. That makes me feel better about the Strep B - I assume my midwife would have made a bigger deal if it was anything to really worry about but I made that mistake of looking it up online. Everything with pregnancy is always "Usually it's fine but IT COULD KILL YOU & YOUR BABY in some cases." The internet is a very dangerous tool. No word back on my glucose test so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to live through the 3-hour test, which sounds awful. You're a tough woman to choose insulin right away but probably very wise!