15 October 2011


So the lovely nurse that visited last week jinxed us. I hate to say it but she did. We were talking about settling blah blah blech (I think all parents can't help but groan at the word "settling") & I said that Evan wasn't having any issues so far. She looked a tiny bit surprised & said that she usually expects some disruption it around two weeks ... BUT who knows, maybe we'd be fine. I muttered a snide maybe in return & knew we were in for a shit storm very soon. Not a literal one, by the way, his poop is right on track.

Anyway, cut to yesterday when without warning he wasn't just magically dropping off to sleep like he had been for the previous two weeks. Okay, no big deal - I wasn't expecting his first two weeks to dictate his entire infant behavior. Then last night rolled around & with it came the cluster feeding. Whenever I've reminisced about Ben's infant days, we never leave out the chapter of The Witching Hour. Such a misleading name, much like "morning" sickness, the witching "hour" is unpredictable & uncontrollable. Ben used to basically stay on my boobs from 4 or 5pm until 10pm when he'd finally conk out. Evan started a bit later but that could be because we couldn't figure out why he wasn't settling so kept passing him back & forth. He hung on valiantly when I finally wised up that he just wanted to feed, feed, feed & feed some more while I attempted to also eat without dropping lasagne (thank you Ellis family - yum!!) on his head, while we watched downloaded US shows, etc. Finally conked out around 11pm, bless him.

It is now 6.15pm tonight & he is feeding but I can't tell if he's already in place for the night or just having a normal meal. Ugh, how did I forget to plan for the return of the witching hour?? And why did that nurse bring it up? I blame her.

In more exciting news, my mom gets here bright & early tomorrow morning!!! I can't wait to see her, introduce her to #2 & let her & Ben get reacquainted. I'm trying not to think about the fact that she is currently stuck on the most miserable flight on earth. Thankfully she took V Australia, which is a pretty awesome airline, so hopefully they treat her well.

I'm so excited that I'm actually planning to go to the airport with Marcel. I planned this all along but it never dawned on me that I would still be in this much terrible pain 2 1/2 weeks later!! It doesn't sound ridiculous but I remember feeling mostly good at this point last time & I do believe we spent an entire day at Sydney's big casino with a 2 week old Ben!nI spent most of the time enjoying comfy lobby couches but allowed Mom & Marcel to take over baby duty when the slots came calling. Ben was quite popular with the large tour groups waiting to get into the buffet & I think there are some lovely Japanese folks with a picture of us in their memories of Australia. Hilarious.

But no, I am nowhere near casino ready this go 'round. I feel like a meat grinder has been let loose in my abdomen these days to be honest so there's a good chance I'll be wearing my good old maternity track pants on this airport run. Ah well, I am resigned to looking 6 months pregnant for the rest of my life.

I'm being yelled at by my husband now so I have to go. On a happy note, Evan is passed out so maybe The Witching Hour isn't kicking in yet after all. I'll keep you posted.

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