07 October 2011

Mr. So & So, I am a lady.

Bizarrely, I've found myself worrying once or twice about living the rest of my life with a bunch of boys. Don't get me wrong - I've always loved having guys around, often relate better to them than other women & I am far from the most ladylike gal myself. But still there's a bit of the girly girl that occasionally wants to break free! How is she going to escape every once in a while in a house of testosterone? I'll have to send them all off on motorbike weekends while I hit the spa or something.

Anyway, so I have lady things on the brain. Here are a couple of my favorites at the moment.

I don't know what it is with one-shouldered shirts & long flowy pleated skirts like this but I'm mad for them! 
How Country Road found this out & put them together is beyond me. 
Now, I can't actually wear this skirt because of my body shape (not complaining, just stating a fact that it doesn't suit me) & I'll have to do a few months of push-ups before I show off my arms & shoulders but I'm swooning in any case.

Michael Kors has a way with brown leather bags that drives me wild. 
If anyone has a spare $400-500 please feel free to grab me one of these distressed Hamilton totes.
Otherwise, I'll just keep drooling over the picture.

I realized I even seem to be turning my closet into a little feminine hideaway. 
Well, a mixture of a little feminine hideaway & a high school locker with pictures stuck to my mirror!
And yes, that's a Michael Kors brown leather handbag up there, heaven bless it.

Things are still going well around here if you don't mind including a bit of craziness in your definition of "well." Have I already mentioned that Ben's last two molars chose this week to officially break through, giving him a wonderful excuse to wake up a couple times a night? Mmmmm ... so nice to have the entire family up at 4.00am! Sleep is for chumps! Yeah well now the poor boy has ruptured his left eardrum! Oh, poor Benny boy. Not sure how it happened but yesterday was his daycare day & I noticed what I assumed was a lot of wax coming out of his ear last night. I imagine he must have been rough-housing with the other boys & he got whacked upside the ear or something. I just thought it was the start of an ear infection but we managed to get him into the doctor this morning & it wasn't wax, it was his blah blah something something fluid, which means his eardrum is ruptured. On the plus side there's not much pain involved (sorry, it seems like it should hurt very badly to me) & even better, Debbie & I managed to get both boys out to the doctors office with a minimal amount of hysteria. Evan was asleep when we left the house & didn't wake up until we were standing in line at the pharmacy to get Ben's antibiotics & talking motorcycles with the nice burly dude who we also saw in the doctor's waiting room. Didn't seem to phase him one bit so gold star for the Evan. Ben loves his new toddler seat & sharing the back half of the car with his new brother so gold star for Ben. And holy moly, a gold star to our gorgeous neighbors who actually are letting us use their son's outgrown toddler booster seat, saving us a bundle of bucks!! Maybe they even deserve double gold stars ...

Oh, it turns out I'm actually somehow doing too much & need to slow it down. *sigh* How is that possible? I'm doing next to nothing, feeling very useless & slothlike but have been having some issues in the healing area (trust me, you want me to stay vague with this) that means I'm trying to do too much. So now I somehow have to figure out how to do less. I will admit that I have been doing laundry regularly like the crazy person I am but I've broken it down to tiny, manageable steps & only carry a few things at a time but I guess I'm not fooling my body. And every now & then I start to flip out & absolutely have to do something like cook a meal or dust the bedroom & make the bed. These things don't happen by themselves & it just seems like pure psycho-ness to ask my mother in law to please dust our boudoir because the little layer of dust on the bedside tables is getting on my nerves. I don't want to interrupt her nonstop Ben wrangling anyway. Poor Oma is going to need a vacation to recover from this journey!

Anyway, I'm off to put a few more things in the dryer because I can't stop myself & this is literally the last load of laundry to finally empty that damn laundry hamper (until it all starts over again almost immediately). Also need to drink about 2 more litres of water before bedtime & start praying to the gods of codeine to be nicer to my bowels. Sorry, too much? Hope you're having a fabulous time in your corner of the world!

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