04 October 2011

Evan Sawyer Eisele

So yes, our newest fella arrived last week. I, of course, have been too "busy" recovering to get my head straight enough to blog about him but thought I should at least mention the poor kid before he reaches a week old tomorrow!

Well, hey there little mister. How's life?
We obviously reached a name in a relatively timely manner so we didn't feel like doofuses every time someone asked us in the hospital & I didn't have to resort to my threats to just name him The Edge if Marcel kept crapping all over my name choices.

So we went with Evan Sawyer. Evan was always on our possibility list from day one & if truth be told, we did kind of name the kid after The Edge because his real name is Dave Evans so we thought keeping a U2 theme would make things a little easier (remember Ben's middle name is Hewson, Bono's last name). Too bad we won't be having any more kids we can name Clayton or Mullen.
Anyway, Sawyer was kind of out of the blue but I really wanted something American & preferably Southern so when we stumbled onto Sawyer recently we thought it was a lovely option that filled that role, reminding us of good ole Tom Sawyer & yes, the handsome shirtless Knoxville-born conman on LOST. But let's face it if I was naming my kids after my favorite LOST character, I'd be introducing you to Evan Sayid Eisele right now. Or Ben. Oh wait. Crap.

The c-section went incredibly well, all smoothly as we hoped. No headaches, no dramas, no tragic long-ass stories that you'll have to put up with from me again & again. Good news all around for that one! I obviously have plenty of recovering to do as even the best c-sections are still major surgery & my innards need to heal, heal, heal.

That's obviously Marcel cutting the cord with our lovely midwife, whose name I have conveniently forgotten. 

He was perfect straight away. I'm not being biased either - the midwife, doctor & nurses all said he was perfect so it must be true. 
Anyway, the stats:
Born 8.57am
3.27kg (approx 7.2lb)
49 cm long (approx 19.3in)

Mama meets Evan. So glamorous in my surgery best. 

And the first family portrait (without Ben, but with my beautiful surgeon).

Okay, breastfeeding alert! Breastfeeding alert! Breastfeeding alert!
No nipples but breastfeeding alert!

Ignore the boob area if you can & focus on the look on my face. Hysterical. 
This is why I don't do drugs.
Breastfeeding has been going well so far - am trying to heal cracked, cranky nipples at the moment but that's no big deal in the scheme of things. But if I hear the phrase "latch properly" one more time, I may scream. Just kidding, I have nothing but enormous appreciation for the lactation geniuses I've had the privilege to chat with - I also adore Lucas pappaw ointment & Lansinoh nipple stuff more than life itself these days.
But enough about boobs.

The days since he's been born have been great - the hospital stay was blissfully uneventful, just little petty annoyances with sharing a room with other new mamas. No big deal.

Ben loves the new baby. Refuses to call him Evan, he just adopts the highest-pitched voice that can be heard by human ears & says "Hi baby" over & over while trying to smother him with kisses. Then he gets hyped up & pokes him & giggles. *sigh* It's adorable yet terrifying.

I will write much much more soon but I'm tired & a little achy & it has seriously taken me ALL day to cobble this entry together. Better start saving up my energy for the next one ...

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  1. Sounds like everything was great and the end result is so adorable!! He is one of the most perfect newborns I have even seen......love the name and look forward to following his progress as I have Ben's. Love to all from Kentucky!! Momma Smith